What Is Insomnia

What Is Insomnia? Knowing About Sleep Disorder

Knowing About Insomnia can end some people nightmare. Songs have been written about the pain of going through it; many people could relate to it, lots of nights were spent awake contemplating how to end it. I’m not talking about an emotional crisis or another heart break episode.
I am talking “Knowing About Insomnia”.

Knowing About Insomnia is one form of a sleeping disorder that doesn’t enable the person to sleep or stay asleep for long. Insomnia can strike any one, at any age group, at any given time. But it has been observed though that there are more adult women suffering from insomnia than their male counterparts.

The extent to which Knowing About Insomnia study covers includes a wide range of sleep disorders and is often categorized into three types.

Knowing About Insomnia can help us to understand the spring offs leading to many other types of ailments like obesity, poor performance whether it is work, school, or personal activity.

What Is Insomnia

What Is Insomnia

Knowing About Insomnia

will also inform you about your immune system becoming compromised and which leads to poor function.

Knowing About Insomnia reveals it can also trigger depression and anxiety. One’s response time to triggers and stimulations is also reduced. Insomniacs are also less alert. And because of poor body function and performance, a person suffering from insomnia has an increased risk and severity of long-term diseases.

After Knowing About Insomnia, you will discover three types of insomnia. These three types of insomnia are: Acute insomnia, Chronic insomnia, and Transient insomnia.

Acute insomnia is the most common form of insomnia and it can last from 3 weeks to six months. It is primarily caused by prolonged stress that we experience usually from work, death of a loved one, a sudden change in your daily routine, a new undertaking or activity.

Acute insomnia should be treated as soon as possible because it can lead to a chronic problem.

Knowing About Insomnia and Chronic insomnia is a type of insomnia that lasts longer, usually months or years and they experience insomnia frequently, three times per week or more.

Most cases of this type of insomnia are triggered by secondary causes.

This means that this type of insomnia is the side effect of another problem. It could be triggered because of the medication you are taking, an underlying medical condition, sleeping disorder, and certain substances can cause one to frequently lose their sleep.

Knowing About Insomnia and Transient insomnia. This doesn’t entirely rob you of sleep. It means you have a disturbed sleeping pattern or you do not possess the ability to sleep well over a period of time.

This is usually triggered by unforeseen sudden events like having an argument with your superior or loved one, upcoming examinations, and sudden travel.

This is linked with the higher stress levels and lacking the ability to stop incessantly worrying.

Knowing About Insomnia and treatment.  Some centers offer various ways of insomnia treatment. There are instances when insomnia manages itself when the underlying cause of the condition wears off.

There are two ways to treat insomnia.

Knowing About Sleep Disorder and the non-pharmacological ways of treating insomnia and the medical way which involves prescription drugs. It is important that we be able to determine the exact cause of the insomnia before asking for pharmacological treatments as they can cause dependence.

What Is Insomnia
What Is Insomnia

In general, Knowing About Insomnia treatments are not necessary because temporary insomnia goes away when the underlying trigger is removed or corrected. Most people seek medical insomnia treatments when their insomnia becomes chronic.

The main focus of insomnia treatments should be directed towards finding the cause. Once the cause is identified, it’s important to manage and control the underlying problem, since this alone will probably eliminate the insomnia all together.

Treating the symptoms of insomnia without addressing the main cause just won’t work.

Knowing About Insomnia, most of the time, chronic insomnia can be cured if its medical or psychiatric causes are evaluated and insomnia treatments are implemented properly.

Knowing About Insomnia and the following treatments, they may be used in conjunction with therapies directed towards the underlying medical or psychiatric cause.

What Is Insomnia
What Is Insomnia

Knowing About Sleep Disorder and the treatment of insomnia includes both non-medical and medical aspects as stated before. It’s best to tailor insomnia treatment for each individual patient based on the cause.

Studies have shown that combining medical and non-medical treatments are usually much more successful in treating insomnia than using one alone.

Non-medical therapies are sleep hygiene, relaxation therapy, stimulus control and sleep restriction. These are called cognitive behavioral therapies.

Knowing About Sleep Disorder Treatments

Sleep hygiene is one of the components of behavioral therapy for insomnia. Several simple steps can be taken to improve a patient’s sleep quality. They include:

Sleep as much as you need to feel rested, but don’t oversleep.

Exercise regularly at least 20 minutes a day, ideally 4-5 hours before you go to bed.

Don’t try to force yourself to sleep.

Keep a regular sleep schedule.

Don’t drink caffeinated beverages later than 2 0r 3 PM in the afternoon (tea, coffee, soft drinks etc.)

Don’t drink alcoholic beverages prior to going to bed.

Don’t smoke, especially in the evening.

Don’t go to bed hungry.

Adjust the lights, temperature and noise levels, etc.

Don’t go to bed with worries on your mind, try to resolve them before going to bed.

Knowing About Insomnia and relaxation therapy involves things like meditation, muscle relaxation or dimming the lights and playing soothing music before you go to bed.

Stimulus control insomnia treatments include a few simple steps that may help you with chronic insomnia.

Go to bed when you feel sleepy.

Don’t watch TV, read, eat, or lay awake worrying in bed. Your bed should be used only for sleep and sexual activity.

If you don’t fall asleep in 30 minutes after going to bed, get up and go to another room and just relax.

Set your alarm clock to get up at a certain time every morning, even on weekends.

Avoid taking long naps during the day.

Knowing About Sleep Disorder and restricting your time in bed, only to sleep may help you.

This is called sleep restriction. Rigid bedtime and awake time are set, and the patient is forced to get up at the awake time, even if they feel sleepy.

This may even help the patient sleep better the next night because of the sleep deprivation from the previous night. Sleep limiting has been helpful in some cases.

Other simple insomnia treatments that can be helpful to treat insomnia include:

Avoid large meals and too many fluids before bedtime

Knowing About Insomnia and control your environment

Lights, noises, and uncomfortable room temperature can disrupt sleep.

People who work nights and grave yard shifts, especially must address these factors. Dimming the lights in the bedroom, relaxation, limiting the noise, and avoiding stressful tasks before going to bed will be a huge benefit.

Knowing About Insomnia and avoid doing work in the bedroom that may make you relate stressful situations to sleep. In other words, don’t work or operate your business from your bedroom and avoid watching TV, reading books, and eating in your bed.

A person’s biological clock is particularly sensitive to light. Parents who need to sleep during the day, due to the work schedule they maintain, may have to make child care arrangements to allow them to sleep.

Knowing About Insomnia treatments work best when you attack the root cause and avoid those outside influences from robbing your peaceful rest.

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Best Weight Lose Diet For Female

Best Weight Loss Diet For Female 

Are you looking for the best weight loss diet for female? I know how it feels – you`re reading everything that comes in front of your eyes, and your eyes start to sparkle as soon as you find something that seems new, untouched, and something that promises to really work.

Well guess what?

I have some sparkling news for you here, so sit comfortably and keep reading.

The best weight loss diet for women is not the one that promises you to lose 10 pounds in a week, not the one that promises to lose 20 pounds in a month.

The best fat burning diet for female is the one that you follow, and you stick to it, not even noticing you are following any diet.

Do not believe me?

Best Weight Loss Diet For Female
Best Weight Loss Diet For Female

Just imagine yourself following a diet for the rest of your life. Could you? I doubt it……

That`s like the favorite job – you know, people say that if you want to stop working, find a job that you love and enjoy, so that you do not feel like working at all.

Same thing with dieting.

People can not stay on any diet for the rest of their lives. It is just impossible. What they do, is find a diet that works, or promises good results, and follow that diet for a week, a month, and then stop. Most often, those lost pounds come back.

That`s why I always tell it is practically impossible to lose weight without changing the daily eating habits, and the lifestyle itself. Do you now see how important this is?

So, the best weight loss diet for female is not the Atkins, the South Beach, or any other. It`s just a mix of some rules and habits, that lead to successful weight loss.

Healthy Weight Loss Foods for Female

The Best Weight Lose Diet For Female is a healthy weight management for women of all ages – young or adult – incorporates the main idea of finding the balance between energy intake and expenditure.

To control energy balance means to eat smarter and include more intentional physical activity.

Unfortunately, the goal to maintain a healthy female weight may turn to be a difficult task, because busy women tend to limit some of the very foods they need the most.

Here are some healthy weight loss foods for women, to get the energy from the vital nutrients that the body needs, and to cut back on unnecessary extra calories simultaneously:

Carbohydrates and Weight Loss

The idea of low-carb diets is to decrease your daily calorie intake, but the problem is that such eating plans may restrict your body’s preferred energy source.

If your carbohydrate calorie intake needs to be reduced, it’s better to focus on reducing the consumption of sugary foods and liquids like, candy, sugar and soft drinks.

A balanced diet should contain moderate amounts of carbohydrates, while a healthy diet needs them, to be supplied, from nutrient-rich sources. To maximize your energy levels, enjoy the great taste of whole and fortified grains, of which at least 50% to be fiber-rich sources.

Also, instead of candies and chips, eat varied fruits and vegetables every day.

Good Protein Foods for Weight Loss

Best Weight Loss Diet For Female
Best Weight Loss Diet For Female

Women sometimes stay away from protein foods, because some meat products may contain large percentage of fat. However, to include lean protein in your meals, is one of the most satisfying ways to eat and manage your weight.

Animal meat is also a source of essential amino acids. If you want to include good lean protein sources in your diet plan, try low-fat dairy products, eggs, lean meats, raw nuts and beans (a total of about 6 ounces per day is recommended).

Protein may be especially helpful and needed by the body, right after you wake up in the morning. By adding some protein, along with complex carbohydrates, to your breakfast, you’ll probably be satiated until lunchtime and could be less tempted by those high-fat, sugary snacks before your lunch.

Iron Intake

Insufficient intakes of iron can lead to serious problems like iron-deficiency anemia – one of the most common nutrient deficiency for women and children.

A minimum of 15 milligrams of iron per day is recommended to help prevent anemia and fatigue. Great sources for iron are: lean red meat and iron-fortified cereals, as well as poultry, fish, beans and green leafy vegetables.

Calcium Requirements

Calcium is well-known to promote healthy bones and teeth, but this vital nutrient is essential for the body in various others ways. Sufficient amount of calcium is helpful for strong heart and muscles and may also help to prevent high blood pressure and colon cancer too.

A good way to enjoy calcium-rich foods in your everyday eating plan, is to include more low-fat dairy products, like milk, yogurt and cheese, tofu, green leafy vegetables, and calcium-fortified fruit juices.

Recommendations are at least of 1,000 milligrams per day – more for people younger than 18 or older than 50.

Folic Acid

For women of childbearing age, is recommended an intake of 400 micrograms of folic acid per day, in order to reduce the risk of neural tube birth defects by about 75 percent.

Folic acid is also beneficial for the immune system function, by producing disease-fighting white blood cells and can decrease the risk of heart disease.

For tasty and nutritious folic acid food sources, turn to: enriched grain products; whole grains; green leafy vegetables; beans; raw nuts; oranges and berries.

Motivation is Key to Losing Weight

Are you a female trying to lose weight, this is probably the best weight loss diet for female. but you cannot figure out how to motivate yourself to lose weight? Many people are over weight and desperately need to shed some pounds, but they are stuck asking themselves, “Motivate myself to lose weight, how do I do it?”

Here is a strategy that will help you lose weight and stay motivated.

Best Weight Loss Diet For Female
Best Weight Loss Diet For Female

First, let us understand one thing. Being over weight can cause depression, a lack of self confidence, and many physical health problems as well. When we become over weight we put ourselves at risk for many of the health problems that plague our society today. It is not easy to motive yourself to lose weight, but you can do it.

Start by finding a picture of yourself when you were thinner or a picture of what you would like to look like and post it up on your mirror or somewhere will you will be forced to see it every single day. This will remind you of what your goal is and will help you stay focused.

Next, you will have to combat certain urges for a while before you will develop healthy habits that will help you lose weight. Avoid situations that involve sweet foods or alcohol as much as possible.

Set up a reward system with your favorite treat or alcoholic beverage and only allow yourself to have it when you have completed a full week of exercise and diet. Even then only allow yourself to have a little bit, don’t over do it.

Last, get in the habit of carrying a bottle of water everywhere you go. This will give you something to occupy your hands with and to consume. It will take away the urge to grab a candy bar or something else that you don’t need.

Between these three tips to motivate myself to lose weight and a strong discipline you will be able to reach your goals. The main thing is that you have to teach yourself how to avoid situations that involve skipping exercise or consuming things you know you don’t need.

It won’t be easy, but the results will make you so much happier and healthier.

Discover How to motivate Myself To Lose Weight with a method that has Literally turned the Dieting World Upside Down.

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Weight Loss Pills For Women

Weight Loss Pills For Women

A lot of people are faced with the issue of being overweight. And, when people are overweight, they are often looking for something quick to make a change. That often leads them to try quick fixes like diet pills.

Do they work? And are they worth it?

Weight loss pills tend to be a very tempting product to test, specially for individuals who don’t have the time or does not want to give up time for physical exercise.

Many brands state that they can do miracles for you. Several state that taking in their tablet would considerably increase the body’s metabolism and essentially increase the amount of calories your body may burn.

Additionally they claim that it can reduce someone’s desire for food and turn excess fat into muscle. Although they’re FDA approved, they don’t necessarily guarantee that they are going to work on or for you.

weight loss pills for women
weight loss diet pills for women

These weight loss pills for women supplements are not subject to rigorous tests how the FDA conducts on other drugs so they’re sold above the counter with restricted security and study of effectiveness.

It genuinely is a gamble to buy and use weight loss products as they are able to have unwanted effects that are worse than what they do for the whole physique.

And, if you would appear closely and listen intently towards the advertisements of these pills, you’d see and hear some thing in typical. They all say that getting this item using the accurate diet and real physical exercise you will shed excess fat immediately.

But wait a minute, isn’t it true how the purpose people are tempted to buy weight loss pills is they don’t want or does not have the time to eating habits and actual physical work out?

The truth is there may be no overnight way of losing body weight unless you could possibly have surgery. Then, there is no certain, quick fire way of retaining weight away from your body.

The genuine helpful, tried and tested strategy to maintain fit and balanced is even now really good old fashioned physical workout.

You need to think about how much you want to change, and you need to be serious enough to make a lifestyle change.

Simply taking weight loss pills for women may not work. Think along the lines of proper diet and exercise.

Moderation they say is key, and eating less calories than you burn is too.

Testicle Pain Causes – Is it Cancer?

 Testicle Pain Causes: Why Testicular
Pain and Scrotum Swelling Happens

Testicle pain causes: My testicles are painful, why?
I have one testicle that is swollen and sore what could have caused this?
I feel a lump in my testicle what should I do?
Why is there a discharge coming from my penis?
Have you one of the above symptoms and scared to death it is something real bad?
You are not to get all worked up fearing the worst as it is not good.
It is perfectly natural for a bloke with unusual symptoms and odd goings on down below to panic, and this is nothing to be ashamed about. In most cases when a mans crown jewels had been affected by something unfamiliar, worry was completely unnecessary.
 Testicle Pain Causes, Is cancer your concern for coming here?
I thought it was.
Listen guys direct your attention to other before jumping the gun and thinking that you have testicular cancer, prostate cancer, or any kind of cancer.
I am not saying ignore the matter of cancer being the problem because it is always wise to be aware of the possibility that certain symptoms could likely be linked with the disease, but making assumptions without clear proof can make you physically sick.
Testicle pain, swollen balls, itchy penis, penis discharge or even a lump in the testicle can be a result of many things other than cancer.
Nonetheless, if you are worried you have cancer because the genital malfunction you see, or feel, and know is not caused through injury see your GP.
The quicker you face your problem head on the quicker you can be cured.
Do big men cry and get frightened?
Of course they do, they feel pain just like anyone else, and who would not not fear cancer. Do not suffer in silence lads. The earlier the diagnosis ups the odds of the cancer being beaten.


If you have not got a clue why your testicles have swelled or why there is a lump bulging from your scrotum, then leave well alone and let your doctor the clued up one see to the problem and treat it.

You could make matters worse by treating something you have not got.
The testicles:  There are two testicles and when felt with the fingers feel an oval shape. Both are located inside the scrotum on either side of the penis.
The testicles are a vital part of the male reproductive system. The testicles create the sperm and the hormone testosterone, which is essential in male sexual development.
Understanding the basic anatomy and the development of testicles is not only something every man should know about but will help him avoid unnecessary stress.
While still in the womb, baby boy testicles sit in the abdomen. Eventually the testicles migrate downwards through the abdomen into the scrotum (sac that holds the testicles) but still remain joined to the abdomen by the spermatic cord, which consists of many blood vessels and nerves.
On the upper, outer, back position of the testicle sits a linked but separate structure named the epididymis, which stores sperm.
Typically, the epididymis has a straight link to the wall of the scrotum. This link thwarts the testicle, which hangs on the spermatic cord, from twisting.
Testicle Pain Causes Testicular pain can be the result of many things, some good and some bad. It is important to know which is which. The serious symptom will require immediate medical attention while other you can treat at home.
Testicle Pain Causes
Testicle Pain Causes
Trauma to the testicles often causes bad pain. A direct blow to the scrotum will bring any man to his knees and tears to his eyes causing instant pain but usually temporary.
If you have bruised the testicle this can hurt Generally, trauma might cause a more significant injury that often requires emergency surgery, such as: A hematocele – a gathering of blood that environs the testicle.
Ruptured testicle. Testicular torsion is not a condition you can brush to the side, it will need immediate treatment. Testicular torsion happens when a testicle twists inside the scrotum. If the testicle suffers this, the blood vessels within the spermatic cord also twist and lead to an interruption of blood supply to the testicle.
Depending on how many times the blood vessels have twisted, they could shut off, preventing the flow of blood to or from the testicle.
Because blood contains oxygen, and testicles need oxygen to live, twisting can cause serious complications, for instance: “death” of a testicle. In many cases of a speedy diagnosis and emergency surgery the testicle has been saved.
 Torsion is known in men who have an abnormal attachment of the epididymis to the wall of the scrotum. The vast majority of those men have the same abnormal attachment in both testicles.
Testicle infection: Inflammation of the epididymis is quite common for causing testicular pain. This is more of a common condition in males over 18 years of age.
In sexually active men, the likely reason for epididymitis is usually down to a sexually transmitted disease, maybe, gonorrhea or chlamydia
The elderly and the younger man can get epididymitis, often because of an abnormality in the genitourinary system. Testicular pain comes with “torsion of a testicular appendage” most common in young lads.
Just what is testicular appendage? Simply explained it is a functionless structure that is placed in a furrow between the testicle and the epididymis.
Like a testicle, the structure can cause interference, and the outcome losing blood flow due to twisting, Less common causes of testicle pain.
A lot of men will have heard of a hernia but just as many know nothing about what is included should they suffer from one.
Inguinal hernia is when part of the intestine protrudes through a defect in the abdominal wall into the scrotum – causing swelling as well as pain.
Orchitis (inflammation of the testicle): This inflammatory condition happens because of an infectious process. It now and again is found along with epididymitis, especially when it has not been treated for several days.
A high percentage of those diagnosed with condition found the cause being connected with the viral mumps infection.
Testicular tumour: While a tumour rarely causes pain, swelling is likely.
Kidney stone: If you have kidney stones the pain may at times radiate in an around the testicles. Whatever the cause of your testicle pain guys, you need to have it checked out.
Stay safe and healthy – Conduct regular self-examinations to locate testicle lumps, as early detection betters the diagnosis for testicular cancer.

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Stop Masturbation

Stop Masturbation Today And Live Healthy

How to Stop Masturbation. The sexual provocation or stimulation of oneself, inciting sexual passion to the point of orgasm, refers to as ‘masturbation’. This behavior is common among both men and women and has been observed as a behavioral tendency even amongst animals.


Time to Quit Masturbation. Masturbation mostly takes the form of a feel good factor by touching of the genitals, leading to pleasurable sensuousness, culminating in orgasm.

Tracing back the roots of the word masturbation we find its origin in ancient words like the Greek ‘mezea’ or the Latin ‘manus’. The Oxford English Dictionary compiles the word to be an ancient usage of the Latin ‘manu stuprare’ meaning ‘to defile with the hand’.

While this act of giving pleasure to oneself or highlighting the sensory organs needs no name, the term itself is medical in nature describing the act itself.

Some common forms of referring to the same are “Onanism”, “wanking’ and “jerking off”. While, “Onanism” finds its roots in religious history, the latter are more colloquial and everyday usage terms.

The Term clearly signifies a person in the act of arousing oneself sexually by fondling or touching his or her genitals to a point where the touch leads to a feeling of intense sexual excitement which is equivalent or that of an orgasm.

Though the act is usually characterized by a single person indulging oneself in a private act, it can involve a partner by consent.

 Learn how to Quit Masturbation, because it has always been a topic of debate throughout the centuries. Right through the late 19th and early 20th century, most of the religious institutions as well as the medical fraternity thought of masturbation as a sin.

Slowly and gradually during the middle of the 20th century, medical practitioners began changing their views on masturbation. They found it to be not as harmful as was thought of.

Stop Masturbation
How To Quit Masturbation

It remains a fact though that a whole generation of people grew up with a reserved notions about masturbation which they had inherited from their childhood.

Over a period of time different studies have found that masturbation is commonly practiced among both males as well as females.

A survey conducted by ‘Alfred Kinsey’s has shown that 92% of men and 62%’ of women have tried masturbation at some time or the other. ‘Susan Quilliam says in her study, ‘Women on Sex’, that 29.1 of women masturbate at least once weekly, a very small percentage of 1.8% masturbate without clitoral stimulation moreover 95% of women always have an orgasm when they masturbate.

Additionally she says, that in comparison, 77.3 can orgasm from oral sex, and 79.2 during intercourse, though not always). In her study, she concluded that 95% of the women she surveyed actually admitted to masturbation.’

From an observation conducted among 2,765 adult Americans, one fourth of men younger than masturbate about several times a week, while 17% of them are older. In the same report, 10% of the women are younger and 2 % of them older.

On a lighter or a heavy weight note if one calculates the amount of semen produced around the world, one might even be able to make a comparison in terms of energy used to drive a jet.

The whole world produces 14 billion calories on an average as energy outlet from masturbation which can drive a jumbo carrying 300 passengers for 27 Miles or generate 16 MW Power.

One might estimate from the figures about the kind of energy produced and how it would affect the world if harnessed.

Most medical practitioners are of the opinion that masturbation is a healthy alternative to express and explore your sexuality and release the sexual tension without the social or physical disadvantages and risks of sexual intercourse.

There are plenty of queries in people’s minds related to masturbation. Some of these arise from the many myths and religious beliefs regarding masturbation. One such rather strange suspicion is whether one can go blind due to masturbation? It is a proven truth by now medically that masturbation does not lead to any kind of health problems.

Some of these myths might be explained as a pure coincidence, ranging from poor eye sight to changes in the skin with the onset of puberty.

Quit Masturbation, though it does not result in acne or result in any kind of hormonal fluctuations, which might lead to any uneasiness in the body. Most sexual activity actually improves blood circulation and is good for the body metabolism.

Research has shown that in fact in many cases masturbation has helped in increasing female fertility during an intercourse. Masturbation in females also decreases chances of cervical infections by increasing the acidity of the cervical mucus and by shifting debris out of the cervix.

Meaningless thoughts of, masturbation resulting in the genitals shrinking or enlarging should be ignored totally as they are baseless. Masturbation can actually be considered as a sexual technique which protects people from the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Doctors are of the opinion that masturbation amounts to cardiovascular workouts. Studies have shown that masturbation lowers blood pressure, especially in stressful conditions.

A small study conducted amongst a test group, shows lower blood pressure after masturbation. This is more so since the mind is more relaxed and in a contented state at times leading to sleep after this activity.

The Catholic Church does not exactly advocate masturbation, leading to a large number of controversial debates; there are though many Judeo-Christian leaders and scholars who are of different beliefs which propagate the belief that masturbation is not a sin.

Scholars point out that there is really nothing concrete in the Bible that points toward masturbation as a sin, it may be that in a round about manner the issue is open to debate. There are though a few nations and religions which do not accept masturbation as healthy and in fact consider it to be as punishable by law.

Some Islamic nations like Indonesia, consider it criminal. Many of the myths and religious misconceptions about masturbation arise from age old beliefs, which have not been adapted to modern science and human behavior in recent times.

Quit Masturbation, it has far flung effects on the world population too. Since masturbation helps in relieving people of their sexual urges, it also helps in controlling people’s sexual activities. This in turn results in better population control.

In case of a religious or social ban on masturbation resulting from laws made against such activities, people would be more prone to indulge in sexual activity with their partners.

Stop Masturbation
Stop Masturbation

 Stop Masturbation.

Sex, in casual or other forms has different associated problems like unwanted pregnancies as well as the scope of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Masturbation comes close to the most natural way of being a family planner!

For partners who have mismatched sexual taste, masturbation could be a normal healthy way to relieve sexual tensions and plan a baby only with both partners willing to. This saves the hassles of unwanted parenthood as well as leads to a more natural way of checking the population growth world wide.

We think masturbation is the most natural fun alternative to having actual sex. It provides the stimulation of sex, without the hassles involved in the actual act.

This act being normally totally private and personal does not involve other people; hence there are no hassles of bothering about your partner’s feeling or tastes or even about sexually transmitted diseases.

Masturbation is also a means to self exploration and discovering ones tastes. It can be a pleasurable way of exploring ones sexual fantasies and desires. Stop Masturbation, it is not true that it can help partners improve their sexual life.

Since the act has no proven side effects on the health, one can indulge in it in their privacy. Masturbation is not something practiced by dissatisfied people or those who cannot satisfy their partners, it is a means of pleasuring oneself and in that alone lies its very essence.

Quit Masturbation

 How to Quit Masturbation. Learning how to quit masturbating is something that can plague you mentally if you’ve tried to quit and failed many times. I know how you are feeling.
Millions of people across the world have become frustrated because they have wanted to know how to quit masturbating and haven’t been able to. If this is you, there is hope!
By studying this article you can shift your awareness and change your life!
Feeling like you just can’t seem to learn how to quit masturbating affects your self esteem and can trigger emotional feelings of great guilt and fear, all while driving time away from dreams.
These types of effects tend to be standard with any addiction but are often increased with addictions such as masturbation and pornography use. Below are several tips that will get you on the right track to recovery.
#1. Stop the guess work. Study what works Plain and simple. Random changes and guess work aren’t enough. This is a serious need of the body that needs to be released. It takes more than hoping you’ll be stronger next time.
Try a proven system or at least some type of professional, thought out method that has worked for others. This is how people find success learning how to quit masturbating.
#2 Have a physical outlet in heated moments! The need to masturbate is a physical one. It is not mentally geared. This means that using mental strategies alone to deal with it is not enough. You must use physical ones to fight the emotional and physical drive.
Get out some testosterone. Find some type of activity where you can sweat it out in the heat of the moment by playing a sport, lifting weights, going on an active hike or something that will steer your physical sexual drive and channel it into a different physical outlet. This is a great key in learning how to quit masturbating.
#3. Focus on avoiding pornography as a primary step. For most people wanting to quit masturbating, porn is a huge factor they need to address first. This can be compared to making sure their is no gasoline near a fire if you don’t want the fire to grow.
After this is done, you can address the fire much better. Whether it’s internet pornography, T.V, movies, strip clubs, or mental images imagines you hold in your mind, these must be handled before you can learn how to quit masturbating.
#4 make your goal the dream state! You must release the semen in one way or another. Understand that the people who have learned to gain control of masturbation or even completely stopping still release semen. The body naturally produces an excess of this.
Most individuals natural release method happens in the dream state. You need a goal to aim towards. Make it your dream state. Avoiding a behavior is not enough to stay goal oriented. You need a line to mark your success!
#5 Join teams of recovery and invest in knowledge! There are some absolutely amazing programs out there that can give you the life edge in porn addiction recovery, masturbation recovery and life empowerment in general! Tons of people connect with these programs created by professors and experts and find an edge they didn’t know existed.

Masturbation and Pornography: 26 Reasons Why You Need To Stop 

Quit Masturbation – Porn may have been the greatest thing you ever discovered when you were 12 and found a Playboy under your dad’s bed, but can it be true that porn is actually now adversely effecting you?

Stop Masturbation
Stopping Masturbation

Porn and Masturbation have had their time and place, but now I will give you reasons on why you need to stop masturbation.

1. Porn/Masturbation drains your energy

After you ejaculate, you lose many vitamins including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, cholesterol, citric acid, creatine, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc.

When you masturbate frequently, it can deplete too much of these sources and make you feel drained.

2. Giving up Porn and Stop Masturbation can make you stronger

When you aren’t frequently masturbating, the vitamins you retain in your body can give you a sense of strength and well-being.

3. Porn/Masturbation can lead to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation

According to addiction. com, too much pornography can re-wire your body to react primarily to porn, so when you have a real partner in front of you, your body won’t react how it is supposed to.

4. Porn can make your brain desensitized to real sex

As stated in the previous example, porn can confuse your brain and cause you to not enjoy real sex as much.

5. Porn/Masturbation can kill your motivation

Too much porn/masturbation can lead to feelings of tiredness and lack of motivation. When addicted to pornography and ejaculation, it sometimes kills motivation to go out and strive for things you truly desire.

6. Porn/Masturbation can get you addicted to “instant gratification”

Porn/Masturbation, like many other habits in life, are a form of instant gratification. If you build the habit of frequent porn/masturbation, you are 3x more likely to eat unhealthy and stay up later binge watching television, which can all lead to being very unhealthy habits.

7. Porn/Masturbation can take away from other amazing experiences

Porn and Masturbation can leave you thinking about sex all the time, even at unwanted times. Instead of enjoying a sunset or having an enjoyable dinner, your mind can be flooded with sexual thoughts, rendering you unable to fully enjoy the moment you are trying to experience.

8. Porn/Masturbation can make you creepy

With so many varieties of porn out nowadays, porn viewers are subject to watching things that would never usually happen in healthy sexual encounters. When you view material like this it gets subconsciously planted in your brain, and you think of it throughout the day.

When you think about sex so much, it can affect how you interact and may even make you look creepy.

9. Porn/Masturbation can make you look lifeless

As per reports from a group of individuals who decided to quit pornography and masturbation over at reddit.com/r/nofap, users report when quitting porn/masturbation they noticed more color in their eyes, dark spots around their eyes disappearing, more color in their skin, and even the reduction/elimination of acne.

10. Porn/Masturbation lowers your testosterone

According to an article at examine. com testosterone levels were higher when abstinent for 3 weeks compared to ejaculating regularly.

11. Giving up porn and stop masturbation can give you boosts of energy

Anyone seeking why they have no energy, but can’t seem to find a cure – try being abstinent for a month. People who abstain report significantly higher levels of energy when giving up porn/masturbation.

12. Giving up porn and stop masturbation can get you a girlfriend/boyfriend

If you decide not to ejaculate from porn/masturbation, your body will start seeking out other ways to satisfy it’s desire, either through wet dreams or seeking out a mutual partner.

People who give up porn/masturbation report the opposite sex noticing them more.

13. Giving up porn and end masturbation can make you more productive

With the newfound energy from quitting, people have reported using their time to pursue more productive ventures.

14. Giving up porn/masturbation can save your marriage

If you are married and decided to give up porn and masturbation, throwing away other sources of sexual pleasure usually lead to giving more attention to your significant other.

Users on reddit.com/r/nofap have reported quitting porn/masturbation to have “saved their marriage”.

15. Giving up porn and masturbation can make you more self-disciplined

Quitting this habit takes self-control, and when you quit you may notice yourself having self-discipline in other areas as well.

16. Giving up porn/masturbation can make you different from every other guy/girl

They say around 95% of men masturbate regularly, and when you quit, it may give you a mental and physical “edge” over other men or women.

17. Porn/Masturbation can give you social anxiety/depression

Abstainers have reported after quitting porn/masturbation their social anxiety and/or depression was greatly reduced or vanished. The science behind this is unclear, but it may be from unconscious social fears of feeling like you are hiding something.

18. Giving up porn/masturbation frees up your time

When you give up porn/masturbation, you will have more free time to pursue other ventures.

19. Giving up porn/Masturbation can make you feel better spiritually (if you’re into that)

In many religions, sexual immorality or pornography is viewed as a sin, and quitting them will lead you to feeling closer to your spiritual goals.

20. Porn/Masturbation can give you an unrealistic view of how women want to be treated

Many times pornography consumption starts at an early age, and before learning how to truly interact with other women, they are instead being trained by pornography videos where the women are clearly mistreated.

Kids can grow up believing that women should be treated like sex objects instead of people.

21. Quitting Porn/Masturbation has led to feelings of wholeness

Abstainers report feeling more whole as a person when quitting porn/masturbation.

22. Quitting Porn and stop Masturbation can improve your sex life

After quitting porn/masturbation, your sex life may improve from you being more present with your significant other.

23. Quitting Porn/Masturbation can make you more likable

People that have quit porn/masturbation report being more sociable and having others come and socialize with them more often then when they were using porn/masturbation.

24. Quitting Porn/Masturbation can give you more confidence

Without the feeling of hiding anything sexually and the build-up of extra protein/vitamins in your body, people have reported feeling more confident after quitting porn and masturbation.

25. Quitting Porn and stop Masturbation can make you feel more

Others that have quit porn/masturbation report feeling more emotions after quitting.

26. Porn/Masturbation can mess with your reward circuitry

Porn and Masturbation can mess with your reward circuitry, teaching your brain that sex is just a mouse-click away.

Summary: Masturbation is a human behavior that attempts at sexually satisfying the individual, with or without outside help or influence. It is one of the rare natural instincts of man when he is at his complete natural self uninhibited of the external world.

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Scar Removal Cream

Scar Removal Cream

Scar Removal Cream
Scar Removal Cream
There are many options available for anyone who wants to get rid of or reduce the appearance of a scar. Unfortunately, some of these options, such as dermabrasion, collagen injections, or scar revision surgery, can be invasive, expensive, or complicated.
They may not be the best option for you.

If you’re looking for scar removal cream less invasive, and perhaps more in line with your budget, you should head to your favorite health and beauty aisle. As the health and beauty industry has boomed, there are gels and creams available to remove scars.

Before you decide which scar removal cream is best for you, it’s important to understand exactly what they do to reduce or eliminate your scar.
These products use natural ingredients that encourage the growth of healthy skin cells to prevent scars, as well as to make them less noticeable.
The products smooth, flatten, and soften the scarred skin to help it appear far less noticeable, and can even reduce redness to help the area blend in with the unscarred skin around it.
These gels and creams can also help with the itching and irritation that sometimes comes with scars. The ingredients work with the body’s natural healing process to smooth your skin and reduce the appearance of scars.
One option for reducing or eliminating scars is silicone gel sheets. The sheets are thin, transparent, and waterproof, and can easily be cut to fit the scarred area. The sheets are similar to wearing an adhesive bandage, and can even be used on joints or other awkward areas thanks to their flexibility.
The sheets work by covering the scarred area and moisturizing it. This helps reduce the size and redness of a scar, and can even help improve the elasticity of the skin in the scarred area.
Research has also shown that the improvements to the scar are permanent with silicone gel sheets.


Some people choose to camouflage their scars rather than using scar removal cream to try and get rid of them. Some cosmetics are designed specifically to disguise scars, birth marks, and even tattoos, and can easily be matched to the skin tones around the scarred area.

If you have very sensitive skin or an allergy to the ingredients in scar gels and creams, this may be a good option for you. Vitamin E is a common, natural ingredient in scar removal cream.
Not only is it moisturizing, but vitamin E works with your skin to help create healthy skin cells. This can work especially well as the skin is healing to prevent scars from forming in the first place, but can help older scars, as well.
Before you decide on a Scar Removal Cream, take into consideration your skin sensitivity and any allergies you may have. Scarred skin is even more sensitive than the skin around it, so if you normally have sensitive skin, the scarred area will react even more.
Once you do select a gel or cream for your scar, make sure you follow the directions carefully and stick with it. If your scar is larger or deeper, it may take longer for the product to work.

Using scar removal cream to Control Foot Scarring

During the summer months, people like to wear sandals and flip flops.

Wearing these types of shoes, however, may not be an option if a person has foot scars. They can be embarrassing or uncomfortable, prompting people to wear other shoes or just stay inside.

Scar Removal Cream
Scar Removal Cream

Scars on the feet can happen in a variety of ways, and many people have these marks. When people want to know how to get rid of scars, they may consider using a scar gel that eliminates these marks.

Most surgeries, in fact, leave scars on people’s bodies. People may need surgery on their feet for a variety of reasons, including the removal of bunions and corns. These structures are typically found on or around a person’s toes.

After they are removed, the person usually has scarring from the procedure. While the surgery offers physical relief, the patient most likely is unwilling to display the surgical scars to others.

For that reason, using scar removal cream to fade the scarring allows that person to wear sandals or even to walk around barefoot without embarrassment.

Athletes also routinely have surgeries on their feet.

Many athletes break bones in their feet while playing sports. When the injuries are extensive, surgery may be required to fix the damage.

Female athletes in particular might be uncomfortable with their appearances after they recover from the procedure. Away from sports, they may enjoy relaxing and wearing casual footwear. When they have foot scars, they are often self-conscious and this enjoyment is hampered.

However, by using scar gel, they can resume their relaxation and be satisfied that their scars are effectively unnoticeable.

Before a person uses this scar removal cream, however, he or she should wait for the surgical incision to heal completely. An unhealed incision may still be at risk for infection.

After the wound is healed, however, people should use a silicon-based gel as soon as possible. This ensures the best results and the most effective fading of scarring anywhere on the body, including the feet, toes, heels and soles.

When people want to find a gel that will fade their scarring, they can shop online. Silicone-based gels for scar reduction can be purchased on the Internet.

In most cases, people can purchase as much gel as they need and have it delivered to their homes or places of work. They can pay with their credit or debit card and then choose their preference for shipping.

Many surgical patients prefer shopping online for scar gel, particularly when they have foot problems and cannot drive or have mobility issues.

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Men’s Sexual Health

 Men’s Sexual Health

Sex is undoubtedly a way to relax and ease your pressure!
It brings unlimited excitement and pleasure to most individual’s life and considering this reason, men always desire to be healthy and strong to have a relaxing sexual relationship.


Men’s Sexual Health life will be really comfortable only if both sexual partners complement each other. In the present world, with increased tension and pressure, most men suffer with erectile trouble and dysfunction and finally turn suffering with no sexual relationship.
Dysfunction erectile is really strange and they make a strained relationship amidst the sexual partners. When a man turns disabled with lack of ability in meeting the sexual expectations of his partner, then it proves that the person is seriously suffering from erectile dysfunction.
Dysfunction erectile is the most happening men’s issue which will never be considered serious, unless they take place rarely or occasionally.
The trouble will become really serious, if the person happens to face the erectile dysfunction so often and finds an unsuccessful sexual intercourse with his partner.
When the trouble happens to occur again more often, then it is undoubtedly considered as a serious health trouble which should be treated. When age turns increasing, the problem with erectile dysfunction will also turn enhancing.
Men crossing over 40 years of age will certainly experience little erectile dysfunction and when their age crosses 50 and 60, then the trouble will certainly bother them badly.
Men's Sexual Health
Men’s Sexual Health
What gives the actual cure for erectile dysfunction? With the advent of erectile dysfunction pills like VigRX Plus, man of all ages can enjoy absolute pleasure in their sexual relationship.
The process of erectile will happen involving the psychological and physical factors and it involves the sequence of activities with veins, brain, arteries and veins in penis.


When any organ turns disabled, then there is nothing to excite seeing erectile dysfunction. VigRX Plus is undoubtedly a wonderful rejuvenating drug that gives perfect strength and erectile ability to men of all age.
With no restriction in the food intake, VigRX Plus functions more effectively and make the person completely active to around 36 hours after the consumption of the drug.
Any men’s sexual health who are really worried with erectile dysfunction can undoubtedly regain the excitement of comfortable sex with VigRX Plus, as they give the absolute power of sensational sex.
VigRX Plus is proven to be more effective than any other drug, as it compete impotency than any other competitor drug like Viagra.
Though the good and beneficial effects of VigRX Plus are proven, it is better to intake the drug after prescription.

Prostate Cancer in Men

Prostate Cancer in Men

 Prostate Cancer in men. Prostate problems will affect ninety percent of all men by the time the reach the age of eighty and in all too many cases the problem will be that of prostate cancer.
But just what is the prostate gland and what does it mean to be diagnosed with prostate cancer? Here we look at the ten questions which are most often asked by men who encounter prostate problems.
1. What is the prostate gland and what does it do? The prostate gland is situated between the bladder and the rectum, partly surrounding the urethra which carries urine from the bladder out of the body. These forms part of the male reproductive system, making and storing fluid which forms part of a man’s semen.
The prostate gland is about the size of a walnut in an adult.

2. What is prostate cancer? Prostate cancer in men is a form of cancer which normally appears late in life and tends to be slow growing as a result of which many men, despite having prostate cancer, in fact die of other unrelated conditions.

This said, prostate cancer is the second commonest form of cancer in the United States today and in 2006 some 235,000 men were diagnosed with the disease and approximately 27,000 men died from it.
3. Who is likely to contract prostate cancer? Prostate Cancer in men, men in general are at risk of contracting prostate cancer although as it is an age related disease it tends to appear only from about middle-age on wards with the risk of contracting the disease increasing with age.
Prostate cancer in men  is more likely to appear in black men and where there is a family history of the disease.


4. What are the symptoms of prostate cancer? In the early stages of the disease there are normally few if any symptoms and it is possible to suffer from prostate cancer for many years without even knowing it.

When symptoms do start to appear they are likely to include such things as difficulty in urinating, the need for frequent urination (especially at the night), a poor flow or urine which tends to stop and start, painful urination, blood in the urine or semen, pain when ejaculating and pain in the lower back, hips or upper part of the thighs.
5. Are there other conditions which can mask the presence of prostate cancer? Many older men suffer from an enlarged prostate which places pressure on both the bladder and the urethra and interferes with the flow of urine and with sexual function, producing many of the same symptoms that are seen in prostate cancer.
This condition is not however cancer but is a benign condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. It is also quite common for the prostate gland to become infected and inflamed, again producing similar symptoms, and this also benign condition is known as prostatitis.
6. Is it possible to be screened for prostate cancer? Yes, although current screening is not foolproof. The two most commonly used screening test will indicate the possibility of a developing problem, which may or may not be cancer, and point to the need for further more specific testing.
The tests currently in use are the digital rectal exam (DRE), in which a doctor carries out an investigation of the prostate gland by feeling it with a gloved finger inserted through the rectum to detect the presence of hard or lumpy areas. 
A blood test used to detect the presence of a substance which is known as prostate specific antigen (PSA) and which is made by the prostate gland.
7. How reliable are present screening methods? Neither of the current screening tests is foolproof and both can easily miss prostate cancers. However, the two tests used together can produce quite reasonable results and are certainly preferable to not screening for the condition at all.
Research is currently underway to find a more accurate method of screening.
8. How is a diagnosis of prostate cancer made? There is really only one way to confirm the presence of prostate cancer and this is by carrying out a prostate biopsy.
This involves removing a number of small samples of tissue from various different parts of the prostate gland and examining these under a microscope in the laboratory.
9. How is prostate cancer treated? If prostate cancer is localized (that is to say confined only to the prostate gland) there are at present three main forms of treatment available.
One option is to do nothing and to simply watch and wait. If this seems an odd course of action it should be borne in mind that many prostate cancers appear at a very advanced age and, as long as the cancer remains within the prostate gland and is slow growing, the best option for an elderly patient might well be to do nothing at all.
Where active treatment is carried out this will often be to either treat the prostate gland with radiation to kill the cancer cells or to simply remove the prostate gland surgically.
In cases where cancer has spread outside of the prostate gland there are a wide range of treatment options available depending on the degree of spread. This is however a complex area and beyond the scope of this short article.
10. What is the best treatment for localized prostate cancer? This is a bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’ as there are a large number of factors which need to be taken into consideration, not the least of which are the patient’s own circumstances and wishes.
In the majority of cases however prostate cancer is slow growing and there is usually no need to rush into a treatment plan.
This gives patients time to discuss their condition with their doctor, including taking a second or even third opinion if they wish, and also to discuss matters with their partner and family before making any decision.

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Does Heart Attack Recovery Lead to Penis Problems?

Many men worry about a variety of potential penis problems, and understandably so. Even with the best regular penis care, a man might run into issues of dryness, redness, itching and lack of sensitivity from time to time.

But for some men, those issues are a bit of a moot point; they are simply worried about whether they can still have a good sex life after a major medical event.

Men who suffer a heart attack can face many worries and concerns about their physical health, including doubts about their ability to resume sexual relations with a partner.

And in fact, some men might not be cleared to resume sexual activity until several months after the incident.

But for many, the fear of getting back into the sack can be enough to keep them rather celibate for a long while after they have been cleared to get back to it.

Penis problems and heart attack Many men suffer from penis problems after a heart attack.

The biggest of these is erectile dysfunction, which has been seen in up to a quarter of all those who are recovering from a massive heart problem.

The question becomes what causes it: Is it a result of blood flow problems, which are certainly possible after a heart attack?

Or is it the fear a man might have of sexual activity following such a severe physical scare?

Studies have found that 19 percent of those who have suffered a heart attack have absolutely no interest in sex in the months following the cardiac event; another 16 percent are anxious about whether they will be able to handle the physical exertion required to enjoy the sexual act.

But there is also another component that men might not consider: Penis problems might be a harbinger of heart problems.

Many men might notice that they have trouble with getting or maintaining an erection, coupled with occasional shortness of breath, some minor chest pain, and other symptoms that could indicate blood clots or narrowing of arteries that often lead to a heart attack.

Therefore, men who suddenly experience unusual symptoms – including penis problems – should visit their doctor to rule out any serious issues.

Getting back into the swing of things When it comes to resuming sexual activity, a man who has suffered any cardiac event should listen to his doctor on when it is okay to get busy between the sheets.

For some men that might be as little as a week; for others it might mean several months of rest before sexual activity is okay.

Once a man is cleared for sex, a good rule of thumb is that any activity that leads to chest pain or tightness is a sign to stop immediately.

But in addition to the physical concerns, many men might be anxious about getting back into it – and understandably so.

In this case, it might be a good idea to hold off on sexual activity until a man is entirely ready, emotionally and mentally. This might take some time, and could even require talking to a therapist about the obvious worries and concerns he might have.

Once it’s time to give it a go, a man should be careful to have sex in a familiar place, in his favorite position, and don’t try anything adventurous at first.

It is very important to ease back into any physical activity after a heart attack, including sex. In the meantime, a man can still look after good penis health and watch out for penis problems.

He can do this by using a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) on a regular basis.

A man should look for a crème that includes vitamin C for proper blood flow and L-arginine, an amino acid that enhances blood vessel dilation, thus leading to firmer erections.

Other vitamins are great too, all blended together in a high-end emollient like Shea butter.

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Exercise for Healthy Living

Strong Muscles, Strong Bones

Exercise in any form – mild, moderate or intense – is good for you and can help reduce the risk of disease and keep the heart healthy.

But when it comes to strengthening bones, milder forms of activity may not be enough.

Thirty-eight men and 46 women, ages 55 to 75 years, all of whom were generally healthy but didn’t exercise regularly, were recruited to help determine the link between physical activity and bone strength.

Researchers concluded that neither overall aerobic fitness nor mild physical activity had a significant effect on bone density. Greater muscle strength, however, was associated with stronger bones.

Although some activity may be better than none at all for certain aspects of health, like heart health, milder forms of activity may not be sufficient to hold off or attenuate the age-related decline in bone,” says lead researcher Dr. Kerry J. Stewart of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.
Source: Journal of Internal Medicine, 2002; 252, 5,

Q: Does any proof exist that exercise can help a person live longer?

A: Absolutely. In fact, one of the largest study measuring fitness ever conducted found that exercise will indeed help a person live longer.

Led by Dr. Steven Blair of the Institute of Aerobics Research in Dallas, the eight-year study evaluated the fitness and mortality levels of 13,344 men and women. Researchers involved with the study found that exercise reduces the death rate from  all causes, particularly cancer and heart disease.

Not Sure How You Feel? 
Think About What You Ate

The foods you crave may say a lot about the state of your mind and body.

Researchers in France analyzed the eating habits and cravings of more than a thousand men and women and came to the following conclusions:

• Women crave food more often than men do, with cravings peaking
during times of sadness or anxiety.
• Men are more likely to eat when they’re feeling happy.
• Chocolate cravings may signal that you are tired.
• An urge for salty foods or dairy products may be your body’s way of
telling you it wants a real meal.
• Those who had the most frequent cravings were more likely to be
on a diet or actively trying to lose weight.

Researchers theorize that women may experience more cravings because of the increased social pressure to be thin, which also leads them to diet more frequently than men.

However, the relationship between food and mood is extremely complex, and is affected by both biological and psychological factors
Tips for Learners: The Truth About Marijuana
Slang–Weed, Pot, Grass, Reefer, Ganja, Mary Jane, Blunt, Joint, Roach, Nail

Marijuana affects your brain. THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) affects the nerve cells in the part of the brain where memories are formed.

Tips for Teenagers: The Truth About Marijuana

Slang–Weed, Pot, Grass, Reefer, Ganja, Mary Jane, Blunt, Joint, Roach, Nail

Marijuana affects your brain. THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) affects the nerve cells in the part of the brain where memories are formed.

Marijuana affects your self-control. Marijuana can seriously affect your sense of time and your coordination, impacting things like driving. In 2002, nearly 120,000 people were admitted to emergency rooms suffering from marijuana-related problems, an increase of more than 139 percent since 1995.

Marijuana affects your lungs. There are more than 400 known chemicals in marijuana. A single joint contains four times as much cancer-causing tar as a filtered cigarette.

Marijuana affects other aspects of your health. Marijuana can limit your body’s ability to fight off infection.3  Long-term marijuana use can even increase the risk of developing certain mental illnesses.4

Marijuana is not always what it seems. Marijuana can be laced with other dangerous drugs without your knowledge. “Blunts”–hollowed-out cigars filled with marijuana–sometimes have substances such as crack cocaine, PCP, or embalming fluid added.

Marijuana can be addictive. Not everyone who uses marijuana becomes addicted, but some users do develop signs of dependence. In 1999, more than 220,000 people entered drug treatment programs to kick their marijuana habit.

Know the law. It is illegal to buy or sell marijuana. In most States, holding even small amounts of marijuana can lead to fines or arrest.

Get the facts. Smoking any substance–tobacco, marijuana, or crack cocaine–increases your risk of developing pneumonia and other illnesses.

Stay informed. It has not yet been proven that using marijuana leads to using other drugs. But very few people use other drugs without first using marijuana. Teens who smoke marijuana are more likely to try other drugs, in part because they have more contact with people who use and sell them.

Know the risks. Using marijuana or other drugs increases your risk of injury from car crashes, falls, burns, drowning, and other accidents.

Keep your edge. Marijuana affects your judgment, drains your motivation, and can make you feel anxious.

Look around you. Most teens aren’t smoking marijuana. According to a 2002 study, about four out of five 12- to 17-year-old youths had never even tried marijuana.

How can you tell if a friend is using marijuana? Sometimes it’s tough to tell. But there are signs you can look for. If your friend has one or more of the following warning signs, he or she may be using marijuana:

Seeming dizzy and having trouble walking
Having red, bloodshot eyes and smelly hair and clothes
Having a hard time remembering things that just happened
Acting silly for no apparent reason

What can you do to help someone who is using marijuana or other drugs? Be a real friend. Encourage your friend to seek professional help. For information and referrals, call the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information at 800-729-6686.

Q. Isn’t smoking marijuana less dangerous than smoking cigarettes?
A. No. It’s even worse. One joint affects the lungs as much as four cigarettes.

Q. Can people become addicted to marijuana?
A. Yes. Research confirms you can become hooked on marijuana.

Q. Can marijuana be used as a medicine?
A. While the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, can be manufactured in a pill available by prescription to treat nausea and vomiting associated with certain cancer treatments, scientists say that more research needs to be done on its side effects and other potential medical uses.

To learn more about marijuana or obtain referrals to programs in your community, contact one of the following toll-free numbers:

Curious about the TV ads of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign? Check out the Web site at www.freevibe.com or visit the Office of National Drug Control Policy Web site at www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov.

The bottom line: If you know someone who smokes marijuana, urge him or her to stop or get help. If you’re smoking marijuana–stop! The longer you ignore the real facts, the more chances you take with your health and well-being.

It’s never too late. Talk to your parents, a doctor, a counselor, a teacher, or another adult you trust.

Do it today!