Health Tips For Arthritis And Joint Pain

Arthritis and Joint Pain Special Research on Worn Joints

Research on people, 97 per cent reported relief of arthritis symptoms. Different causes of worn joints – and how Flexanol helps correct them .

Flexanol addresses multiple causes of worn joints including:

1. Years of wear and tear. As we get older, our knees, lower backs and other joints tend to lose their cartilage cushion. This treatment can help rebuild it with the natural power of MSM,  Glucosamine, Sea Cucumber, and other compounds.

2. Autoimmune reactions. When your immune system gets ‘confused,’ joints swell up and can hurt a lot. Flexanol can help your immune system return to health with natural immune boosters like EPA and DHA, Borage Oil, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

3. Old injuries that act up. Flexanol can help your body repair this past damage and fights the pain with nutrients like MSM, Glucosamine, Sea Cucumber, Boswellian Serrata, Ginger Root, Borage Oil, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

If you’ve been struggling to find one product that can deliver relief, Flexanol may be all you need. These “Joint Building Blocks” is sold as MSM Sulphur tablets in the UK and 180 1,000mg tablets cost around £18.

4. Ease rheumatoid arthritis pain,  preserve joint tissue and mobility – without the side effects of drugs  A medical system practised in Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal for nearly 4,000 years has yielded an herbal formula that appears more effective than Western medicines at easing pain and preventing tissue damage in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

arthritis and joint pain
arthritis and joint pain

5. Unlike other forms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) isn’t caused by wear and tear on the joints. Instead, RA is a crippling and still-mysterious autoimmune disease. For reasons that aren’t clearly understood, RA prompts the immune system to malfunction and begin attacking healthy tissue, especially cartilage in the joints.

Pharmaceutical companies have developed drugs to ease the joint pain and swelling caused by RA, but those products can induce significant side effects. NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory Drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen) can cause stomach pain, bleeding, and ulcers.

6. Cox-2 inhibitors, such as Vioxx, may pose a heightened risk of heart attack. Recently, a pharmaceutical company issued warnings that its RA drug (an anti-inflammatory called Remicade) could leave users more susceptible to congestive heart failure, tuberculosis, and other potentially fatal infections. Drug companies have also designed some formulations to slow the progress of the disease.

However, nearly all of those drugs include gold compounds which eventually become toxic to the body. Consequently, most of the half a million or so Briton’s who suffer from RA don’t have safe and effective treatment options. An herbal formulation based on Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) remedies, however, is proving New Solutions for Beating Arthritis

Arthritis Free Life  – Tips to Stop Joint Pains 

Millions of people are suffering from joint pain and it is the most common cause of disability. Although it is common to older people, it can also affect young adults and children. Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints and its surrounding tissues and there are more than a hundred types of joint pains.

This condition puts limitations in one’s ability to accomplish daily physical activities making it a very disabling condition. Due to the pain of inflamed joints and surrounding tissues, people with joint pains are unable to function normally in their everyday lives.

Living a life with limited mobility can be very frustrating and depressing. If you are one of those people suffering from painful arthritis, you probably want to achieve arthritis freedom as soon as possible to improve the quality of your life.

The following tips can be very helpful to stop the pain and achieve pain-free life

arthritis and joint pain
arthritis and joint pain

Consult your doctor. Early diagnosis, management and treatment can save you from serious complications and costly hospitalizations. Learning to manage joint pains as early as possible can also help you function better. Not to mention that it can be a symptom of a disease so it is important to see your doctor to evaluate your over-all health condition.

If left untreated, arthritis can become a chronic problem that can torment you for the rest of your life. If you really want to achieve arthritis freedom, seek professional help.

Learn self-management. Joint pains can affect one’s quality of life so it is important to learn how to manage your arthritis to improve the quality of your life and achieve arthritis freedom. Participate in arthritis self-management program in your area to learn how to cope with joint pains and lessen its negative effects in your daily life.

There are various ways and techniques to cope with arthritis and with the help of people who are experts in dealing with joint pain, you can manage your arthritis and live your life normally. Do not hesitate to ask help because arthritis is a manageable and treatable condition if you seek treatment and act as early as possible.

Stay physically active. Lack of joint movement can worsen your joint pain so it is important to stay physically active to achieve arthritis freedom. Idleness or sedentary lifestyle doubles your risk of developing arthritis due to inactivity and lack of joint movement. Don’t be a couch potato, limit your TV watching or computer usage and engage in more physically active activities and hobbies.

Moderate regular physical activities like walking and swimming can be very beneficial for people with arthritis. If you have severe joint pains, it is important to ask your doctor or health provider about the best exercises applicable for your condition. But bottom line, an active life can save you from the disability brought by arthritis.

arthritis and joint pain
arthritis and joint pain

Lose weight. Obesity increases the risk of people in developing arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. For people with joint pain, maintaining a healthy weight can prevent the progression of arthritis.

A healthy weight reduces the risk of people from developing arthritis and helps people suffering from arthritis to lessen the symptoms and function better in their daily lives. A weight loss program can be very helpful for you to maintain an ideal weight.

Losing weight is measured in small successes and often frustrating but you need to remind yourself that you need patience and dedication to achieve your ideal weight and eventually achieve joint pain freedom.

Eat a healthy well-balanced diet. Diet plays an important role in managing joint pain. The kind of diet you follow could influence the occurrence of knee pain. Because there are various types of arthritis, no single diet plan will work on everyone but following a diet based on moderation, balance and variety could be very beneficial to your arthritis.

Eating foods good for your joint pains will help you achieve arthritis freedom. Eat more fish to get more omega-3 fatty acid which is beneficial in healing joint inflammation. Avoid red meat because it promotes inflammation leading to arthritis. Eat fish as a replacement for red meat.

Cut down on fats, avoid foods rich in saturated fats and avoid processed foods. Eating a healthy well-balanced diet is not only good for your joint pains but also to your over-all health.

Avoid smoking. We all know that smoking is not good for our health especially on the lungs but there are studies stating that smoking intensifies the inflammation levels of the body, thus increasing the risk of smokers in developing knee pain. You also have to know that inflammation is the underlying cause of joint pains. Avoid smoking if you want to achieve arthritis freedom.

arthritis and joint pain
arthritis and joint pain

Nicotine which is the main substance found in cigarettes is not only bad for arthritis but it is also not good for your over-all health. Save your lungs and stop the progression of your joint pain by avoiding smoking.

Protect your joints. As mentioned earlier, arthritis affects the joints and if you want to achieve arthritis freedom, you have to protect your joints. Avoid activities that will hurt and stress your joints. Having a job with repetitive motion puts a lot of stress on the joints, if it is possible, avoid stress and repetitive motion.

Balance physical activities with rest, be careful with your everyday tasks and accomplish your tasks in ways that will not stress your joints.

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