How To Boost Your Immune System

Amazing Super Foods To Boost Your Immune System

What is happening with this CoronaVirus Pandemic, is really kind of unprecedented for a lot of people that are living today.

We haven’t seen anything like this since the 1918 Pandemic Spanish Flu.

So this is gone past most of our generational memories, and to the point where we need to really follow the guidelines that are being suggested for cleanliness, hygiene, social separation and so forth.

With all the information and data coming from across the world, can easily frighten us out of our shoes.

Therefore, keeping calm is a delicate balance to strike.

In trying to come to grips with the reality and understanding of what’s happening, the most important thing is the general health of the people. That before you catch this virus, is to know whether you have underlying issues, comorbidities, your general state of health.

This illustrates to me that it really is about being on the front end of it, and being prepared and boost your immune system.

Part of that is doing things like making sure your family is in good health and security.

Having enough stuff in the home like dried goods food, that kind of thing. It really matters what we do in our daily lives and lifestyles, that is what mostly lifts up our immunity.

But there are other things, and a lot of that has to do with proper nourishment, and managing stress.

Most people don’t know that the ecology of the digestive tract is the main environment of our immune system.

So there is a lot that we can do even in the short term. But we also want to think long term, because when we do these things that I’m going to suggest in the short term, that is really the daily activities.

That make us well and keeps our state of being well, so that we don’t encounter these kinds of scenarios.

And it would reduce the risk of people that we expose others to, because we might be exposed to it but actually not get sick. Whereas we might still have that exposure and exposed somebody else.

So we really need to work hard on that. So the first place to start with this is in lifestyle choices.

These are the main areas of your life and lifestyle choices you should be emphasizing and pointing your focus:

1. Boost your immune system with some of natures most powerful superfoods, loaded with vitamins and minerals.

2. Reducing stress through balance hormones, already within normal range and reduce yourself from frustrations and anxiety.

3. Increase mental clarity by providing your body with healthy nutrients such as the electrolytes in coconut water, to boost your brain power, and enjoy incredible energy level and better focus.

4.Detoxify  your body by flushing out the toxins to rejuvenate your skin for a glowing, healthier, younger looking YOU!

We need to better understand the connection between the health of our gut and our overall health.

A lot of people don’t know that in this country eighty percent of Americans are walking around now with a medical crisis time bomb in their body already, waiting to reveal itself in autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, potential cancer.

So if you took the average rate of obesity in this country, laxity in their muscle, comfortable with the potato couch lifestyle.

The fact that we sit under LED lights, the fact that we don’t get enough sunshine, the fact that we don’t get enough vitamins and minerals, the fact that we don’t get sufficient quality sleep, the fact that we don’t get enough movement exercise……

and when I say exercise I don’t mean go to the gym and run on a treadmill 20 minutes a day. I mean that would be amazing.

I’m talking about most of our life is sitting in chairs at computers etc.

We need to create busy activities in and around the home.

There are some very simple but important things we can do,  like getting more sunlight vitamins while creating and caring your vegetable garden. And we can grow our own superfoods in our backyard.

Relax and laughter, eating healthy, and so much more.

80% of our immune system resides in our gut.

Most people don’t know that.

Boost Your Immune System

Every time you take a round of antibiotics to overcome something like strep throat, you’ve nuked the healthy bacteria in your gut that helps them digest food, absorb the nutrients that it actually needs to fight off bacterial infections.

And it takes months on end there with, three to six months to rebuild a healthy gut at a minimum, and that’s if you’re being very proactive.

If you’re consuming organic vegetables, roots, and herbs, believe me some of those are some powerful superfoods.  If you’re eating fermented foods, taking probiotics, raw organic cheese.

I mean, you got to be very very specific, so on the standard American diet, the SAD American diet, most people have no idea that long ago they were overwhelmed with stuff like SIBO, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or Candida.

This is a negative bacteria that does the opposite of what the good guys in your guts do.

They only want to eat on starches and sugars like artificial sweeteners, and then repopulate themselves so that eventually your cravings are all centered around things you’re addicted to, but actually have Zero nutritional value to the body.

This is why when people go off the gluten and they stop eating breads and cut way back on sugars, they eventually start craving things like vegetables.

They start craving things like fruits and holistic foods because the good guys the critters, the bacteria in your gut which is where most of your immune system sets, begin to transition over to a positive experience.

These are some of the basic things that we can do, steps we can take to start out kind of on the nutritional end of things.

The first things that I would suggest are lemons, limes and pineapple.

Lemons and limes we know of as having vitamin C, and that’s so much more than asorbic acid. It’s not just asorbic acid.

Whenever you go by it in a vitamin C form with most supplements and it’s not a complete form.

The body has to do other things in order to utilize it really effectively. You don’t have that problem when you use things like lemons and limes. They contain bioflavonoids and other cofactors.

When what’s called the entourage effect, with this, the some of these parts are much greater than they are individually. These things break up mucus, they support the respiratory to support the immunity function, and in juice does not count.

You actually have to buy a lemon or a lime or pineapple, because the prepared bottled ones are pasteurized juices, and it fundamentally changes its action or thinness.

And again I’m suggesting you eat food the way it grows in the earth, as it’s meant for you, especially with the pineapple.

One of the bigger points of the Pineapple is actually the core. It’s what is called a thermodynamic proteolytic enzyme, and it reduces inflammation in the lungs. It also has vitamin C and it has adaptogenic properties which helps the
body adjust to stress.

That’s both physiological and emotional, also mental and so those are some really great things.

You don’t have to over analyze, it just cut a lemon or lime into quarters and halves and just crush it.

You have to crush them, to departmentalize that juice into your water.  And so as you do that, it is a powerful immune and respiratory stimulation.

What about just eating the lime or lemon directly?

Well that works just fine.

For some people it’s a little bit difficult. But actually the fiber of lemon and lime is good for you as well.

The fibers are prebiotic, and they help give good breeding ground, so that more of the other good bacteria that’s going to do some of the hard heavy lifting, and hard work of our immune system itself, is actually the bacterial ecology that’s in our body.

So that’s a good point, that fiber is an important part of that into kind of segway a little bit. That’s also why I would suggest like a bite of sauerkraut or bite of kimchi today.

Because what that does, is it’s prebiotic, probiotic, and post-biotic. Which means it lays the groundwork for good bacteria and that’s really most of your immune system.

A huge portion of it anyway, and then you get the probiotic effect you actually have the good bacteria in there fighting bad bacteria. And helping you with your digestion and boost your immune system.

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