Cancer Is Not A Disease But A Business

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Cancer is a not Disease But A Business!

Nothing CAUSES Cancer!

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Believe it or not, Cancer Is Not A Disease But A Business.  Cancer is not caused by a germ, virus, bacteria or fungus. It is not a disease but a condition! A condition of mutating cells which the body is unable to deal with….


Consequently, these cells will start mutating and proliferating in any body system or organ which has weaknesses and can migrate to any other system and attach itself there.

Any symptom from a skin rash or constant indigestion or constipation to unexplained weight loss or swelling in any part of the body can turn out to be major symptoms of cancer.

1. The truth is, every person has cancer cells in their body. And that’s just the beginning, these cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion. So what does all this mean? when doctors tell cancer patients that there are no more cancer cells in their bodies after treatment, it just means the tests are unable to detect the cancer cells because they have not reached the detectable size.

2. Cancer cells occur between 6 to more than 10 times in a person’s lifetime.

3. This is not just my opinion, when the person’s immune system is strong the cancer cells will be destroyed and prevented from multiplying and forming tumours.

4. Therefore, when a person has cancer it indicates the person has multiple nutritional deficiencies and extreme toxicity. When we think about it, these could be due to genetic predisposition, environmental, food and lifestyle factors.

5. The solution is simply this, to overcome the multiple nutritional deficiencies, changing diet and including whole food supplements strengthen the immune system.

6. Let me share a secret with you, chemotherapy involves poisoning the rapidly-growing cancer cells and also destroys rapidly-growing healthy cells in the bone marrow, gastro-intestinal tract etc, and can cause organ damage, like liver, kidneys, heart, lungs etc.

Cancer is not a Disease But a Business
Cancer is not a Disease But a Business

7. Likewise, radiation while destroying cancer cells also burns, scars and damages healthy cells, tissues and organs.

8. In any event, initial treatment with chemotherapy and radiation will often reduce tumour size.

However, prolonged use of chemotherapy and radiation do not result in more tumour destruction.

9.I’d like to tell you more about this, when the body has too much toxic burden from chemotherapy and radiation the immune system is either compromised or destroyed, hence the person can succumb to various kinds of infections and complications.

10. And that’s not all, chemotherapy and radiation can cause cancer cells to mutate and become resistant and difficult to destroy.

Worst of all, surgery can also cause cancer cells to spread to other sites.

11. With this in mind, here is what is more important, an effective way to battle cancer is to starve the cancer cells by not feeding it with the food it needs to multiply, AND eliminating all processed foods with any additives thus freeing up the lymphocytes to destroy the cancer cells.


a. Sugar is a cancer-feeder.

Here’s the truth, by cutting off sugar it cuts off one important food supply to the cancer cells. Sugar substitutes like NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc are made with Aspartame which is harmful. Indeed… A better natural substitute would be cane juice (fresh and unprocessed). Here is something you probably don’t know about, table salt has a chemical added to make it white in colour, a better alternative is Bragg’s Liquid aminos, Sea salt or rock salt.

b. Here is the real kicker: Cows Milk causes the body to produce mucus, especially in the gastro-intestinal tract. It’s true – Cancer feeds on mucus. So remember this…. By cutting off milk and substituting with unsweetened nut, seed and grain milk, cancer cells are being starved.

c. Cancer cells thrive in an acid environment. Now pay attention to this…. A flesh-based diet is acidic. Meat also contains livestock antibiotics, growth hormones and parasites, which are all harmful, especially to people with cancer.

d.Listen my friend, a diet made of 85% fresh vegetables and juice, whole grains, seeds, nuts and a little fruits helps put the body into an alkaline environment. But don’t worry, about 15% can be from cooked food taken from the above categories. Fresh vegetable juices provide live enzymes that are easily absorbed and reach down to cellular levels within 15 minutes to nourish and enhance growth of healthy cells.

And, oh yes!

Cancer Is Not A Disease But A Business

Let’s not forget, to obtain live enzymes for building healthy cells try and drink fresh vegetable juice ( use any vegetables including bean sprouts) and eat some raw vegetables 2 or 3 times a day. As you probably know, enzymes are destroyed at temperatures of 104 degrees F (40 degrees C).

e. On the other hand, avoid coffee, tea, and chocolate, which have high caffeine. Green tea is a better alternative and has cancer-fighting properties. WATER: Make no mistake: it is best to drink distilled water, Reverse Osmosis, or Coconut water, to avoid known toxins and heavy metals in tap water.

f. Let me switch gear here for a moment. Cancer cells multiply faster and the cancer condition grows quickly when there is excess protein in the system. Let me show you how dead serious I am….

In order to see quick deterioration and elimination of cancer cells, take ALL animal protein out of the diet (including fish, chicken, and dairy products) and all processed protein from vegetable source (including Soy products and processed veggie products).

12. Listen, meat protein is difficult to digest and requires a lot of digestive enzymes. Undigested meat remaining in the intestines become putrefied and leads to more toxic build-up.

13. Here is the reason why… Cancer cell walls have a tough protein covering. Consider this fact: By refraining from eating meat it frees more enzymes to attack the protein walls of cancer cells and allows the body’s killer cells to destroy the cancer cells.

14. Here’s the raw deal, all raw foods and whole food juices act as supplements and build up the immune system to enable the body’s own killer cells to destroy cancer cells. Hang on to your seat, because this can be a shocker: Rebounding exercise is known to result in stimulation of the immune system, and killer Lymphocytes which cause programmed cell death, the body’s normal method of disposing of damaged, unwanted, or unneeded cells.

15.Despite what you may have heard, cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment. Here is the way to go forward: Rebounding exercise daily and deep breathing help to get more oxygen down to the cellular level.

16. Frankly speaking, everyone needs to do a Health Audit to find out the current state of their health regardless of how well they are eating and how good they feel.

17. Fact is, cancer is a Disease of the Mind, body, and spirit.

But just keep reading. A proactive and positive spirit will help the cancer warrior be a survivor. Anger, unforgiveness and bitterness put the body into a stressful and acidic environment.

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight. Learn to have a loving and forgiving spirit. Learn and practice to relax and enjoy life.


I have a neighbour who uses honey and cinnamon for his arthritis and it helps him. His pain was so great that the doctors had him taking some form of chemo to lessen his pain and at one point he quit taking it (the chemo) and never told the doctor (and began taking the honey and cinnamon) and he felt better.

I’m telling you, he had to go to the hospital for some unexpected surgery and was without his “concoction” for a few days and was in pain once again. When he finally told the doctor what he had been doing the doctor told him to continue with it! I know this: His arthritis used to be so painful that he could hardly stand on his legs and get around for more than a few minutes at a time.

He takes 1 tsp. of cinnamon and mixes it with 2 Tbsp of honey and stirs it together and takes like that.

“Facts About Honey and Cinnamon”

It is found that a mixture of Honey and Cinnamon cures most diseases. Now, pay attention. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today accept honey as a “Ram Bam” (very effective) medicine for all kinds of diseases.

Reality is, honey can be used without any side effects for any kind of diseases. Listen, there is more, lots more. Today’s science says that even though honey is sweet, if taken in the right dosage as a medicine, it does not harm diabetic patients.

Weekly World News, a magazine in Canada, in its issue dated 17 January, 1995 has given the following list of diseases that can be cured by Honey and Cinnamon as researched by western scientists.

Cancer is not a Disease But a Business
Cancer is not a Disease But a Business

CANCER: Here are some examples… Recent research in Japan and Australia has revealed that advanced cancer of the stomach and bones have been cured successfully. Patients suffering from these kinds of cancer should daily take one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder for one month 3 times a day.

HEART DISEASE: Here’s how: Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder, apply on bread, instead of jelly and jam and eat it regularly for breakfast. It reduces the cholesterol in the arteries and saves the patient from heart attack. Also, those who already have had a heart attack, if they do this process daily, they are  kept miles away from the next attack.

Get this: Regular use of the above process relieves loss of breath and strengthens the heart beat. Can this be true? In America and Canada, various nursing homes have treated patients successfully and have found that as you age, the arteries and veins lose their flexibility and get clogged; honey and cinnamon revitalize the arteries and veins.

ARTHRITIS: Check this out, arthritis patients may take daily, morning and night, one cup of hot water with two spoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. And make no mistake about it, if taken regularly even chronic arthritis can be cured.

But wait, there’s more, in a recent research conducted at the Copenhagen University, it was found that when the doctors treated their patients with a mixture of one tablespoon Honey and half teaspoon Cinnamon powder before breakfast. They found that within a week, out of the 200 people so treated, practically 73 patients were totally relieved of pain. And within a month, mostly all the patients who could not walk or move around because of arthritis started walking without pain.

BLADDER INFECTIONS: Here’s what you do, take two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. It destroys the germs in the bladder.

TOOTHACHE: It’s simple, make a paste of one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and five teaspoons of honey and apply on the aching tooth. This may be applied 3 times a day till the tooth stops aching.

CHOLESTEROL: The secret is this: Two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of Cinnamon Powder mixed in 16 ounces of tea water, given to a cholesterol patient, reduced the level of cholesterol in the blood by 10% within 2 hours. As mentioned for arthritic patients, if taken 3 times a day, any chronic cholesterol is cured. The simple truth is, according to information received in the said journal, pure honey taken with food daily relieves complaints of cholesterol.

COLDS: Truth be told, those suffering from common or severe colds should take one tablespoon lukewarm honey with ¼ tbsp spoon cinnamon powder daily for 3 days. This process will cure most chronic coughs, colds and clear the sinuses.

UPSET STOMACH: The bottom line is, honey taken with cinnamon powder cures stomach ache and also clears stomach ulcers from the root.

GAS: Get this, according to the studies done in India & Japan, it is revealed that if honey is taken with cinnamon powder the stomach is relieved of gas.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Make no mistake about this, daily use of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacteria and viral attacks. Scientists have found that honey has various vitamins and iron in large amounts. Here is why: Constant use of honey strengthens the white blood corpuscles to fight bacteria and viral diseases.

INDIGESTION: Don’t forget this, cinnamon powder sprinkled on two tablespoons of honey taken before food, relieves acidity and digests the heaviest of meals.

INFLUENZA: Listen to this, a scientist in Spain has proved that honey contains a natural ingredient which kills the influenza germs and saves the patient from flu.

LONGEVITY: You are going to love this, tea made with honey and cinnamon powder, when taken regularly, arrests the ravages of old age. Take 4 spoons of honey, 1 tbsp spoon of cinnamon powder and 3 cups of water and boil to make like tea. Drink 1/4 cup, 3 to 4 times a day. It keeps the skin fresh and soft and arrests old age. Believe it or not, life spans also increases and even a 100 year old, starts performing the chores of a 20-year-old.

PIMPLES: Here is what to do now, three tablespoons of Honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder paste. For best results, apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. If done daily for two weeks, it removes pimples from the root.

SKIN INFECTIONS: Apply honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts on the affected parts to cure eczema, ringworm and all types of skin infections.

WEIGHT LOSS: I’m not kidding, daily in the morning 2½ hour before breakfast on an empty stomach and a night before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one-cup water. If taken regularly it reduces the weight of even the most obese person. In addition, drinking of this mixture regularly does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body even though the person may eat a high calorie diet.

FATIGUE: I’d like to tell you more about recent studies have shown that the sugar content of honey is more helpful rather than being detrimental to the strength of the body. Senior citizens, who take honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts, are more alert and flexible.

Dr. Milton, who has done research, says that a half tablespoon honey taken in a glass of water and sprinkled with cinnamon powder, taken daily after brushing and in the afternoon at about 3:00 p.m. when the vitality of the body starts to decrease, increases the vitality of the body within a week.

BAD BREATH: Here’s the story: People of South America, first thing in the morning gargle with one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder mixed in hot water, so their breath stays fresh throughout the day.

HEARING: Last but not least, daily – morning and night honey and cinnamon powder, taken in equal parts restore hearing.

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