How To Boost Your Immunity To Fight Coronavirus

39 Amazingly Healthy Superfoods to Bolster Immunity

Best Ways To Boost Immunity And Fight Coronavirus

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Hi I’m Adrian Brown and I am presenting a extract from a video interview between Joe Horn and Daniel Belt at SkyWatchTV about how to strengthen our immune system to fight Coronavirus.


Hi I’m Joe Ardis Horn and I’m joined today by Mr. Daniel Belt who is the head of project development for Eden’s Essentials supplementation lines.

All over the world, they are talk about immunity bolstering.

The immune system is really a hot topic right now.

You’re seeing this all over social media, it’s in the news, and one of the biggest drivers at the moment and I emphasize at the moment, because we’ve been here so many times before, is this newly-found Coronavirus.

Now I’ve been keeping my eyes as close to this newly-found coronavirus as I have much of anything over the last thirty days in particular.

And I can tell you that as we sit here at the time of this recording today, I don’t feel comfortable giving our viewers a definitive certifiable take away statement as to what I believe this virus to be, and I’ll tell you why.

I’ve read lots and lots of articles and I have followed MDs on the subject.

I have followed scientists on the subject, biologists on the subject, and I believe
that at this point even if we think we understand what this virus is, there could be some unknown variables.

Now switching gears, I’ll give you a couple of examples of what I mean using the Ebola virus.

At the time people thought that they knew everything that there was to know about the Ebola virus, and continued to monitor its survivors.

It took almost four years for them to realize that the retinal cords and kidneys of the victims of this horrible, horrible situation had sustained long-term damage.

Yeah, so now, am I saying that the newly-found coronavirus is guaranteed to have some built-in nefarious underlying you know subplot that we’re all missing?

No!, but I’m saying we have not had time to monitor the survivors of this outbreak right, to see if there could be things you know.

Are there lingering respiratory issues, does a person the following flu season have a more dire vulnerability to things that they didn’t previously.

We really just don’t know, so the point is, the one thing that does seem to be a common thread from most of the people writing about this newly found Coronavirus, a lot of the scientists and MDs and holistic doctors; and that is, there is a consensus that bolstering your immune system to fight coronavirus is the smartest thing that you can do with this and with any viral type flu type outbreak.

So I want to read you something from the CDC and then we’ll switch gears for a second.

The CDC estimates, and this is from their website that influenza has resulted in between nine million and forty five million illnesses.

Between a hundred and forty thousand and eight hundred and ten thousand hospitalizations, and between twelve thousand and sixty one thousand deaths annually since 2010.

Now right now the kind of numbers that we’re seeing with people that experienced a fatality from the newly found Coronavirus CovID nineteen, seemed to be catastrophically lower than that.

So why the alarm?

Is it just because of some of the things I mentioned, the unknown lingering side effects, could there be side effects to how this virus is morphing, is it
transforming itself as viruses tend to like to do?

Is it bonding itself with certain genome paths, and then becoming something different?

These are all things we just don’t know, which is why at my opening statements I said, I’m not comfortable giving you a definitive dismissal that this is just like
the common flu.

But I also am NOT here to raise the panic button and cause any alarm.

Nor am I encouraging you to jump on this bandwagon of fear-mongering and hysteria that seems to have overtaken much of our media right now.

So you know Daniel, between twelve thousand and sixty one thousand deaths take place every year because of the common influenza; yeah, so let’s talk about some tips for bolstering your immune system to fight coronavirus.

Tip #1 Basic Nutrition

Let’s talk about really, really, really reinforcing the immune system.

There’s a lot that people can do in regards to bolstering their immunity, and probably the first place to start is just with some basic nutrition.

One of the best aspects that one can do is adding lemons, limes and pineapples to their diet. Now this is not lemon and lime juice out of a bottle.

Those are pasteurized, it is not the same as the real fruits.

They are definitely not the same, and so whenever you take a lemon or lime, and I would certainly encourage organic, because it does afford a certain level of protection.

What you do is, you just go add those in quarters or halves and you crush it, you need to compartmentalize that down into the water, and so much of that juice
needs to break out of those components and make its way into the water.

This contains typically what’s called vitamin C, like a lot of people call ascorbic acid vitamin C. Although that’s just one part, and this contains all of the
constituents that are meant to come with a whole vitamin.

Immune Boosting 1
Fight Coronavirus

Some factors and that’s the cofactors known as the entourage effect, and the entourage is the commonly known wisdom in medical communities of how things work together as cooperatives, in order to produce a much greater effect than we would by isolating a specific thing.

That lemon and lime has lots of things that has quercetin (a natural pigment present in many fruits, vegetables, and grains).

These things that have allergies, things that are good for breaking up mucus.

It has things for vitamin C itself to stimulate the positive immune effect of the body… it’s bio-absorbable because it’s from food.

It has flavonoids which kind of instruct so much what goes on.

That’s what my wife and I do every morning, we chop the tail ends off of both sides of the lemon each one of us get a whole lemon, and we squeeze it in a great big mason jar like grandma used to do.

I usually have mine, all gone in the first hour, I just go all in. She likes to sip hers throughout the day, but I would recommend (and this really comes from a lot
of health coaching) that you do what keeps you going consistently.

If you’re gonna do so much and quit, don’t do that, like if it’s too bitter and you’re not using enough water. Maybe you need to increase the amount of water for now, but don’t stop.

I would generally try to get a lime or a lemon a day so it’s a super inexpensive way for you to start bolstering your immune system.

Over time in particular if you’re consistent with it, for almost nothing, pennies per week.

Some other ways that people can bolster the immune system starting right away.

I like turmeric and ginger.

Actually to transition this, my drink every day is a fresh lemon or fresh lime squeezed into a jar with fermented turmeric and ginger, and fermented mushrooms and that’s kind of my magic drink; and I don’t ever get sick!

With the turmeric, which is adaptogenic, which means it’s non-toxic and helping the body resist all kinds of stressors, whether physical, chemical or biological.

It helps all physiological things, so it’s good for physical stress and that includes some cancers, some correlatives cancers and things like that.

But also help mental and emotional stress.

Turmeric anti-inflammatory and has immune properties, and so does ginger. I really like those particular combinations together.

Mushrooms which I kind of just minced here, and I use a fermented mushroom in my drink. Mushrooms dietarily have been shown to have very powerful properties.

Actually specifically associated with the flu, certain types of flus there’s a lot of correlatives between swine flu, bird flu and some of these others specific types of mushrooms.

So fermented mushrooms in the diet is another good choice.

Tip #2 Daily Sunshine

Sunshine which I consider a nutrient, because it does many things.

We think about how we get vitamin D, but we can’t equate supplemental vitamin D with being in the Sun.

The Sun does so many things, it elicits a thousand responses, hormonal metabolic, hormone synthesis and all kinds of things, so we just can’t supplement with that in the same way.

These things can have benefits when taken supplementally, but it doesn’t replace living naturally and that’s really where it’s at.

There’s no replacement for that.

Tip #3 Plants In The Home

So are also indoor plants, plants in the home.

Because plants do a couple of different things, they purify the air, so whenever you have things floating around your home, from your heating and air conditioning and things like that. The plants will purify that stuff, in in addition, it exchanges carbon for oxygen.

So when we’re in our house and I’ve used this statistic before. It’s an older statistic, but there’s on average 17 times more oxygen outside the building as there is inside the building.

That means you have to have 17 days indoors for what you get one day outdoors, the most vital element to a human being.

The thing you can’t live minutes without, you have spent 17 days indoors to get it. That right there is a massive drag on our overall health and immunity, energy, and all those kinds of stuff.

Tip #4 Fasting From Food

The last thing I would suggest in regards to nutrition, is actually fasting, which we think is becoming the absolute nutrition.

By giving the body a metabolic break, where it’s not constantly trying to digest food, allows it to turn its energy towards other things which are healing, and cleaning up the body. And there’s a whole lot of data, and hopefully we can do a program to really look into more depth about the topic of fasting.

But suffice it to say that to refrain from eating and drinking, is an act of worship that is good for your spirit, soul and body.

It brings a new sense of satisfaction.

When you complete your fasting, you feel renewed and full of energy. You also detox your body and mind, with a new desire, a new praise and a sensitivity to God’s voice.

You’ll find that the absence of food was small in comparison to what you gained.

We’re just giving you an overview about the kind of simple things what you could do today, in order to boost your immunity right now to fight coronavirus.

These are the daily practices that would keep us from being stressed.

When we do this, we really absolve ourselves of so much of the worry, fear and anxiety.  I mean we can, absolve ourselves of everything. This is what lets us know we did the work that we can on our end.

What I love about so many of these ideas is that they’re either next to free or they’re completely free, like fasting for example.

You can save money on that, for example, you save up the money from fasting a couple of days, and then buy your lemons for the week, it pays for itself.

Tip #5 Eliminating Stress

The next thing I’d like to talk about is stress.

Stress is easily the thing that drops immunity faster than any other thing. For a thousand reasons, it’s like whenever we get stressed the body can’t interpret

It really doesn’t know much of a difference between, I can’t pay my bills or if I’m being killed by a bear.

So the body shuts down memory. You don’t need to fight a cold like you need to fight a bear, like it’s telling you, and burning through your B6 reserves. It’s like thousands of things are taking place when you are stressed.

It’s telling you, you don’t need to digest food, you don’t need to eliminate waste.

Stress shuts down everything concerning immunity.

So with that in mind the first thing I would say is, mindfulness, be aware. If you find yourself being stressed, realize, oh, I’m getting stressed!

I need to step back and just take a moment, and realize that my legs are not on fire.

I’m not literally in dire jeopardy, so that right there does wonderful things for helping us reset our mind, and not put you in a kind of worry and anxiety, which suppress our immunity through that mechanism.

And that leads to two other things that I’m going to get into in relation to dealing with stress.

Tip #6 Laughter and Friends

One of that is laughter, yes laughter really is a medicine! It really is. 

We secrete and release useful substances whenever we laugh.

And so if you find yourself being so stressed out, and you just can’t get out of that place, then take timeout, a little escape moment.

Go search for something that you find funny to watch, some kids play, go do something to that effect and see if you can find some of the places in your life that make you happy and want to laugh.

It will help break that mental cycle of being trapped in this kind of stress oriented place which with so many of us live in.

Tip #7 Deep Breathing

The next thing that I would recommend is deep breathing.

In every human being is what they call the vagus nerve, and it’s a nerve that runs from the back of the neck all the way down, pretty much through every organ.

It goes through your lungs, your gall bladder, liver, kidneys, and it’s because it both picks up and distributes information to those organs.

So every time you take a deep breath, and you don’t have to be a master breather.  I’m literally talking about just a deep breath into the diaphragm and then all the way out and then another one, deep into the diaphragm.

What happens is, that sends a signal up the vagus nerve to the brain to calm down, so that’s why we get this feeling, and it’s not really a feeling it’s biochemistry.

You could do it right now, somebody’s like, hey step back, take a deep breath and calm down, which we all know, it’s universal.

Right now we can actually see the signal go up and down the body and it tells these organs and glands to relax. That you’re not in dire jeopardy which turns a little bit back to what I was saying about stress.

So it’s definitely a good habit to develop and breathe deep whenever you can.

Spend five minutes practicing or whatever, but more importantly, it’s just better to do one.

You will get that response that’s better if you practice it, but even if you can just one time and that’s a little bit less mindful as I was saying earlier. If you
find yourself getting stressed, legitimate or no, take a step back, and take a deep breath.

You’re gonna send a biophysical signal to the brain that’s gonna help your body try to calm down, and that’s something that can help reset the mind.

You can have a better perspective on what you’re doing, going forward.

Not compromise yourself, not compromise your immunity and your day, simply by being worried and having all these hormonal and chemical responses from that.

So then that would segway to the last thing.

It’s a little bit related to deep breathing and that’s exercise.

Tip #8 Daily Exercise

Now, it doesn’t necessarily have to be just what we call “exercise“. I’m talking activity, that could be mowing your lawn, it could be playing with your kids,
it could go for a bike ride, it could be dancing, it could be singing, it could be any number of things that’s interesting.

Because I think a lot of people when you say exercise, they immediately think the gym, guys in tights doing aerobics or lifting weights.

But I’m suggesting this could be anything that you actually enjoy doing.

That isn’t just monotonous in nature, that could be you riding a bike outside or playing with the kids or, that’s my deal.  I run through the house and the kids are frantic, running and hiding.

Immune Booster For Fighting Coronavirus
Fight Coronavirus

Then I’m finding them and tickling them, and my little boys running around daddy’s gonna get me, and then they’ll try to instigate even when I’m not there to play. Daddy come chase us, you know, those guys, that’s probably the height of my exercise right now, my kids.

That makes sense Joe, but no, I mean I’m glad you mention that, because you know when you say exercise, people immediately assume for the most part what that means, and actually, I spend a lot of time, especially when we used to take on clients, trying to reverse engineer, that like, no it’s specifically not that way.

It’s if something can give you joy when you’re twelve years old, it’s possible can give you joy again. We just forget what that is and it really can be anything.

I would certainly suggest that if there’s something that you have fun doing, there’s something you have enjoyed doing, promote that. It’s a good thing those produce all kinds of biochemical, hormonal biophysical responses that are anti-aging.

That protect your immunity, that protects your bones and your joints and make you happier during the day, and it could be anything.

You don’t have to put a parameter on it, doesn’t have to be five minutes, doesn’t have to be 20 minutes, doesn’t have to be 45. If it’s 10 take 10, if it’s 30 takes

Our bodies really were meant to be used.

Yes, it’s one of the first holistic doctors I ever saw said, you know, when you just sit around all day, your body starts to think you’re dying.

I mean I’m serious, I’m sure you know somebody or you’ve heard of these individuals who will retire and then just sit, and it usually right away, there’s some expression of a disease or a newly found something.

There’s actually a lot of data and I can’t get into it now. But I would actually suggests just being able to look out a window what that does.

I know your hormonal health, so many programs got a window. Just so many produce so many programs that they’re coming, but we do need to segway to sleep

Tip #9 Quality Sleep

Sleeping, and I can’t even say how this is so important. It’s more important than food, than water, and we don’t think that way. But you can go exactly three days without sleeping and you’ll find out what matters most.

You know you can go that period without food, but you can’t go without sleep.

It’s when everybody shuts down, two-thirds of the body shuts down itself.

I’m generalizing here, but that’s when a third of the body goes to work, when the flushing happens, that’s when the cleansing happens, that’s when the repair happens, that’s when the immunity happens.

Your memories are made at night.

I mean when you’re asleep, so many of the vital functions, the anti-aging functions and the health functions, happen during sleep, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure you get quality sleep to fight coronavirus.

Again this is so important, that’s when detox mostly happen, when inflammation mostly happens.

It’s just so many layers, but you have to get great sleep to hit those maximum benefits.

Tip #10 Christian Meditation

The word “meditation” has developed some what of a bad reputation in certain Christian circles. And the worst part about it is, some Christians believe in and embrace Transcendental Meditation as a good thing to do.

I simply want to reclaim the term without going too deep, as one of the essential spiritual disciplines for all believers.

I would like to make three fundamental points:

1 Meditation begins, but by no means ends, with thinking on Scripture, the         Word of Yahweh.

2 Meditation therefore means, being completely attentive to Yahweh, and

3 Meditation on Scripture is essential to Christian living.

This is one way to “keep our eyes on the things above where Christ is” (Col. 3:1). It is an active, present, and continuous engagement of the mind with God (Yahweh).

Our mind has to be renewed (Rom. 12:1-2) as part of the process by which the word of God can penetrates our soul and spirit with the Truth.

Christian meditation combines our soul, mind and heart.

The purpose for our meditation has been to discover from Scripture our identity in Christ and to reveal to us the power and authority that is available to us as the people of God, being led by the Spirit of God.

Our soul reflecting upon what our mind have ingested and our heart rejoicing in what our soul have grasped. We have truly meditated when we slowly read, prayerfully imbibe and humbly rely upon what God has revealed to us.

All of this, of course, in total dependence on the internal, energizing work of the Holy Spirit.

Now you know we’ve covered some of these really basic aspects of what we can do to help lift our immunity, and I want to cut to the chase here and say what we do offer.

You know we try to definitely teach people about the things that they can do.

To do these things just naturally in the right way, but we want to also give people
tools, and the best tools available.

Diet Supplementation

So what we do have and what so many of us have benefited from myself, and yourself.

Absolutely, my father, and many other great people. And we get feedback from our customers.

This is our Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which we generally recommend for sleep, and a host of other things.

So many things, it’s good for stress and anxiety, inflammation, it’s got neurogenic properties, helps the body generate neurons for the brain and for the nervous system.

It’s an adaptogen and it just has a whole host of really great properties. But the big one being sleep, and again we can’t give you everything, because there’s a lot of data.

And this works really great for a lot of people.

Foods 1
Fight Coronavirus

My father growing up, he would basically go to bed and he would get about four pretty cheap tourney hours of fairly inconsequential sleep.

Until he started, and I know this sounds like a plug, I really do, but I will be honest when I tell you that, before he was using our product, the one that he uses is the Eden’s essential CBD oil, in a tincture and he does two droppers about 45 minutes before he goes to bed, and I do the same protocol.

It’s not like a sedative if you’ve ever had a sedative from the hospital or been under anesthesia or taking something for sleep where you wake up feeling groggy like it’s still in your system and you really wanna go.

It’s not anything like that and unless you’ve tried it, it kind of will speak for itself. I don’t think a lot of people realize just directly to your point about sedatives.

When you take a sedative and you go under, you are not asleep, you are sedated, you’re unconscious. Those are not the same thing, you’re not sleeping, with a setting you will fall asleep eventually after being sedated.

But you’re not actually in a state of sleep and when you’re sedated your body cannot do the things it needs to do to get things right.

This is the the case with my father as well.

My father actually at an older age was trekking down the same path that I was when I described the 20 years of autoimmune disease.

It was discovered a couple of years back that he had diverticulitis, diverticulosis. Those were the same, this is the same path I started down for lots of the same similar reasons, diet, things like that.

He discovered it after he ate some popcorn at the movie theater, which you know, the little kernels, they create infection.

In most of the diverticulosis cases, I’ve heard of, I ask, when you found out did you eat popcorn? But anyway, bottom line is, my dad has gone up to six to seven hours of quality sleep, and he can’t believe it.

Because for years he would do the, and I won’t name the brand names, but very very well-known PM aspirins and whatever, just trying to sleep. Not knowing the
side-effects, what it was doing to the GUT, and everything else. But anyway and then in my case, again it’s not like I said, it is super duper peaceful sleep.

I dream almost every night, I get up feeling much more refreshed in the morning, because my body had a chance to fight inflammation with CBD oil.

And the good things it’s done to my digestive tract in terms of fighting inflammation.

I want to put something out there, this is really important, because I have Christian friends that have asked me, Joe how are you able to take something like a CBD oil supplement? Isn’t it marijuana?

You know, isn’t there a conflict in your moral code using something like a CBD oil?

I try to explain to them that it’s hemp seed extract, there’s no psychotropic ingredients in this product whatsoever. This is not like smoking marijuana to get high, but there does seem to be a massive understanding gap.

Low information on what CBD oil actually is, and there does truly seem to be kind of a stigma from some individuals you know, reluctant to give CBD oil a chance, even though they’re curious that it may have some health benefits.

Daniel, because they still misunderstand what it is, I need to say this…..

Our product is a broad-spectrum product and not a full spectrum, and the difference is the THC and that’s the psychoactive compound which makes people high on marijuana okay, and there is trace amounts of it in industrial hemp, but we have that completely removed.

We do want to dispel the kind of stigma, because hemp is not a problem, and I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of personal conversations over peoples trials with CBD oil, from little women that could barely open their hands, to soldiers with PTSD.

It was absolutely life-changing, and denying these kinds of things is actually a problem that we need to confront because this is something that we could be
delivering with no baggage.

Real service and real solution at a minimum of cost, because hemp is a very powerful product, it’s a strong plant, like it’s very Hardy.

It’s credibly medicinal and good for the body.

I have a friend who has been diagnosed with Lyme’s disease and she has explained that CBD oil is the only shot that she take to rest at night in any possible way to get a good sleep. And experience any of the the healing benefits of that deep REM cycle sleep.

I’m not here to be preachy or to tell you or to presume for you what your sliding moral code should be around this. I would draw a contrast if it’s something that really could present a value to your body.

But you’re still kind of stuck on the stigma, or you’re concerned that people you know in your life might not be able to reconcile it from themselves.

So you just generally know the idea that you’d use it, or stay away from it.

Again this is not preachy or judgmental whatsoever, but in your home do you have any soda pop right now, do you have any cereals with sugars and artificial sweeteners, do you have any chips, because I could promise you that those have a medicinal value of nothing.

They take from the body and we know that snack foods like that contribute to all kinds of things like inflammation, autoimmune disease, cancer, and yet people don’t bat a single immoral eye whatsoever for the most part consuming them.

And here we are talking about CBD oil that is only a whole net positive for your body. Does this make any sense? But people are for that matter, and again
I’m gonna avoid major brands, but when you take aspirin and painkillers for a headache or something that hurts, people don’t bat an eye.

They don’t morally equate there being anything wrong at all with taking like an Ibuprofen for a headache. But might have a problem with something like CBD, and CBD is actually a net whole positive for the body.

Just a natural thing going on on earth and the others actually have all kinds of side effects on your gut, your immune system. But do you see what I’m getting at?

I’m not trying to be preachy here, I’m just trying to draw some contrasts to kind of help people understand where I’m coming from, and why I’m completely comfortable with CBD oil.

Daniel, let’s wrap this up with one final commentary here.

If a person’s been watching this broadcast (reading this article), and they’re thinking to themselves, let’s get back to the immune system bolstering stuff that we were talking about earlier.

If you’re a person who generally eats on the go, but wants to be able to do something significant for your immune system to fight coronavirus.

While I have always maintained there is no substituting for a clean healthy diet.

There is something you can do, whether you’re in the camp of people with an
incredible diet, or the people that are like I said, grab-and-go, that still want to bolster their immune systems.

There are things that you can do where a lot of the thinking is kind of done for you, and a great example of this, something so fast you don’t have to cook it,
you don’t have to do anything.

There’s no prep whatsoever you can just add it to stuff and go. That would be our Eden’s essentials Mushrooms and we are so proud of these.

Let’s talk about those.

Sure, well our Mushrooms are organic fermented Mushrooms, and so Mushrooms are an absolute powerhouse of nutrition.

The data is really recent, I mean it’s coming in as we’re speaking and this is a little bit.

What I was at earlier about correlation, we don’t have direct causation, but we have a lot of correlation with these influenzas, the swine flu, bird flu, and viruses, and fermented Mushroom.

Specifically turkey tail, is kind of the one. It’s really coming out right now and we’re gonna do a deep dive into that. I won’t get too far down that road, but there’s a lot of strong data in there, and not just for viruses.

But we’re at thermal viruses that we know lead to cancers as well. and the Mushrooms are loaded with lots of really high density, minerals and vitamins.

On top of that, and there’s basically three ways to get at these in mushrooms.

This is why I’d also suggested a bit ago the mushrooms in the diet, because mushrooms eaten raw, while they’re good, it actually some of that is still trapped in there.

So it actually requires an extraction method either you boil it, you make it into a soup, or a tea or something like that. you cook it, stir-fry it, or whatever or you ferment it, which I prefer.

For a lot of other reasons, that’s what we have with our mushrooms is, they’re fermented.

And because you have chitin and cellulose, and that chitin can only really broken down to get to those nutrients through generally one of those three processes.

Whenever you put it through the fermentation process, it really activates it, and other things are produced which are so good for the body, and helping it actually in ways we are still finding out how to calculate.

And the more and more we study, it’s just a real powerhouse of nutrition. But a whole host of other things, like helps increase oxygenation in the lungs. Can
support cardiovascular health, brain health, a whole host of others things.

I really do believe that fermented mushrooms are the future really of all supplements. It’s right at the top, I mean it’s fermented foods, I mean you and I have done so much research on autoimmune disease, and digestion.

The need for enzymes to break down the foods that you’re eating, so that you can absorb these mushrooms.

Gazillions of enzymes to boost with the fermentation, it’s kind of like a diagnostic tool and that’s a little bit of what immunomodulation (Change in the body’s immune system, caused by agents that activate or suppress its function) is. It goes down there, kind of figures out what time it isn’t what I need to do, and that’s a beautiful thing.

As opposed to something we know is very exacting.

Well there’s so much more to unpack, we’re gonna have to wait for future shows.

Because frankly, even this as long as it was, I’m still just, we’re just skating
at the surface and kind of jumping over these snapshots.

But if you’re interested in learning more about or potentially trying our CBD oil or our mushrooms, just visit

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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