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Your Health Is Your Responsibility

  • Living A Healthy Life Is Easy
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  • 101 Super Natural Health Tips To Super Charge Your Health
  • Living In The RED Are The 3 Basic Principles of Good Health

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How To Eat To Live Healthy

Living Longer, Living Better:
7 Secrets To Add Years To Your Life

  • 1. Talk to family and friends every day
  • 2. Have a general positive outlook on life
  • 3. Get regular exercise
  • 4. Embrace change without fear
  • 5. Stay involved
  • 6. Select and choose wisely, the food you eat
  • 7. Have faith in the creator and worship Him


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Divine Health Consultant and Counsellor at About Adrian Healthy Living Lifestyle
Hello, I’m Adrian, a Healthy Lifestyle Consultant living in Jamaica. I am a Son of Yeshua, I love entrepreneurship, and fitness. I’m also interested in exercise and cooking.

I'm a health conscious zealot, whose passion and purpose is helping others make better choices in order to experience health, wealth and happiness.

Good vibrant health is nothing but making right choices and the discipline to maintain them.Creating a future by doing things that the average man says is impossible. My medication is only and always my food. I eat to live, not live to eat !!! Adrian A Great Jamaican
Look At Me !

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