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Natural Remedies Is God’s Way for the Healing of the Body

God has placed in nature all the things that are necessary for the healing of the body and cures have been discovered among our local plants, fruits and vegetables. A few of them are stated below:


Get a piece of the wild or yellow ginger (also called turmeric) blend a portion of the root with pineapple to help to reduce the inflammation of the joints caused by arthritis.

Noni is also an anti-inflammatory herb. Just allow the noni to ripe then cut off enough to fill a teaspoon and blend in any juice.


Bird pepper when blend with any herb will enhance its effectiveness. It is also good for diabetes. Bird pepper must not be eaten by itself as it is too potent and will damage the lining of the stomach. The diabetic can include a piece of bird pepper in his or her green juice or any other juice. Juice containing bird pepper must not be consumed before going to bed as this will keep you awake.

Cerasee will bring the sugar level to a normal state. It does not mask sugar in the urine, as some believe it does, neither is it bad for the liver.

Noni is also helpful in regulating blood sugar.

Aloe vera (sinkle bible), breadfruit and periwinkle have also been used to help control diabetes.

Coconut is very good for diabetes. It is sensitive to insulin so excess sugar is not stored up in the body. Pear is also good for diabetes-helps to regulate blood sugar.

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Natural Remedies


Blend the outer skin of the aloe vera for constipation. Add some grapefruit juice to mask the bitter taste of the aloe vera.

Acid reflux disease

Aloe vera and grapefruit, orange or pineapple can be blended to help cure acid reflux disease.


Fever or lemon grass is good as a source of antibiotics. Coconut is highly antibiotic.

Tumour inducing agent

Guinea hen weed is a powerful tumour reducing agent. Most of the medicines are in the roots. Chop the equivalent to a teaspoon of the roots of the guinea hen weed and blend with your green juice.


Red raspberry helps to correct diarrhea. One of the places where these may be found is Irish Town.


Guinea hen weed helps in fighting the growth and formation of cancer cells (see method of preparation above). Cerasse is also a good anti-cancer agent.  Regular consumption of green juice helps to reduce breast cancer, also cauliflower and broccoli.

To help to prevent cancer one needs at least fifteen minutes of direct sunlight on the skin each day. The melanin that is gathered through the direct contact with sun is used to produce melatonin which helps to prevent the formation of cancer cells. This is only done if one goes to sleep by 10 pm in a completely dark room. Cell phones must be turned off by 9 pm to reduce the rays in the room by sleep time, these affect the formation of melatonin. Do not consume liquid before bedtime as this will interrupt sleep.

Red colour fruits help to prevent cancer e.g:

  • . tomatoes reduce the stomach and colon cancer
  • Carrot, mango and pawpaw also help to prevent cancer

Prostate cancer

Pear helps to prevent prostate cancer. Water melon is particularly good for males as it helps to prevent prostate cancer. Guava is also helpful.

High cholesterol

Bird pepper is also good in lowering bad cholesterol. Ackee,  which is also good for lowering bad cholesterol,  is best had raw. It is not true that ackee increases cholesterol it is the oil that we use to prepare the ackee, such as canola oil (very dangerous oil to the body)

Cholesterol is not found in fruits, vegetables and plants, only in animals.

Respiratory problems

Bird pepper is also good for respiratory problems.

Labour pains or contractions

Red raspberry when consumed regularly during pregnancy helps to reduce the pains which come with contractions.


Cerasse helps to prevent the masking and the replicating of the cells which carry the HIV virus.

Worm and Malaria

Semi-contract is good for worm and malaria. Cut up a teaspoon of the semi-contract and blend in a juice for worm. Repeat this three times per day.

Nerves problem

Sour sop leaf is good in helping to correct nerves problems.


How does one know that his or her body is toxic?

  1. Extreme tiredness even after one has rested
  2. When one gets headaches after missing a meal-This is due to the storage of toxins in the fatty tissues. When one skips a meal the body releases toxins in the blood stream. The blood becomes saturated with the toxins and this causes the headache. If one is fasting and experiences this condition he or she needs to consume some mango juice, coconut water or any other natural This will prevent the headache but one will need to go to the bathroom regularly.
  3. High body odour – offensive sweat or high stench when one goes to the bathroom.
  4. Poor appetite, constipation, bloatedness and dull and unattractive skin.
  5. Protruding belly

How does one detox the body the natural remedies?

  1. Fasting – fasting tones down the digestion process and transfer the energy to the immune system. The body gets a chance to rid itself of toxins which are harmful to the body.
  2. The leaf of life is a very good immune booster for detoxification as it is highly antibiotic. To detox get:

2 leaves of leaf of life, 1 clove of garlic & 2 or 3 oranges

Blend everything together to make a juice

You can also have aloe vera juice with grape fruit (this mask the bitterness).

When doing the detox it is important that you exercise and get adequate rest. Do not use lotion, perfume and anything synthetic because you also eat through your skin and the toxins from these substances will enter your body and counteract the effect of the detox process. Only things that are edible should be used on the skin e.g. fever grass acts as a natural perfume when consumed. During the detoxification process one should consume green juice, coconut water, sugar cane and locally grown fruits

  • Detoxification must be done for 7 days
  • Everything for detox must be fresh
  • Herbs are best taken as blends (raw) instead of teas, fire destroys nutrients and medicines
  • Do not store juices and blends overnight
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Natural Remedies


Some benefits of detoxification

  1. It increases mental clarity
  2. It normalizes your body function
  3. It prevents your body from becoming acidic. This is dangerous for it is ideal for the formation of cancer cells. Detoxification allows the body to be in an alkaline state which is not ideal for cancer cells to form. Greens are a good source of iron, alkaline, calcium, vitamins and folic acid (good for the body). Calaloo is a good source of iron and calcium. It is four times higher in these elements than broccoli or cauliflower.


Contrary to popular belief, pear is not fattening. It contains good fat that the body needs. Pear is high in fibre. It helps to regulate the blood sugar; it is good for high blood pressure and helps to prevent prostate cancer.


Coconut oil is the best source of cooking oil. It is also an excellent source of natural remedies

It does not increase bad cholesterol neither does it cause heart disease. These rumours were spread to increase the sale of Soya Oil.

Coconut is highly anti-fungal, anti-viral and antibiotic. This is why it is good for common cold and helps to fight the HIV virus. Coconut water helps to reduce kidney stones.

The coconut is high in fibre (71%). Coconut is sensitive to insulin so it is good for diabetes.

Some ways in which coconut can be consumed

  1. Blend the jelly with the water and you will have coconut milk.
  2. Blend the jelly with the water along with two ripe bananas (very delicious)
  3. Use a juice extractor to extract the juice from the coconut and you will have a very creamy custard.

Coconut and body weight

  1. When you eat coconut it goes straight to the liver to energize you.
  2. Coconut increases the metabolic rate slightly
  3. Coconut is the best choice of fat for any weight management programme.


Rest is very important to the body as the lack of it can lead to the formation of cancer cells (see notes on cancer).

Maintaining a healthy body

Rest, exercise, proper diet and detoxification are necessary for maintaining a healthy body but one also needs to manage stress. In addition to these one must practice love and forgiveness. The absence of love and the presence of unforgiveness is toxic or poisonous to the body. The Bible has much to say about the value of love and the destruction of unforgiveness.

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