Testicle Pain Causes – Is it Cancer?

 Testicle Pain Causes: Why Testicular
Pain and Scrotum Swelling Happens

Testicle pain causes: My testicles are painful, why?
I have one testicle that is swollen and sore what could have caused this?
I feel a lump in my testicle what should I do?
Why is there a discharge coming from my penis?
Have you one of the above symptoms and scared to death it is something real bad?
You are not to get all worked up fearing the worst as it is not good.
It is perfectly natural for a bloke with unusual symptoms and odd goings on down below to panic, and this is nothing to be ashamed about. In most cases when a mans crown jewels had been affected by something unfamiliar, worry was completely unnecessary.
 Testicle Pain Causes, Is cancer your concern for coming here?
I thought it was.
Listen guys direct your attention to other before jumping the gun and thinking that you have testicular cancer, prostate cancer, or any kind of cancer.
I am not saying ignore the matter of cancer being the problem because it is always wise to be aware of the possibility that certain symptoms could likely be linked with the disease, but making assumptions without clear proof can make you physically sick.
Testicle pain, swollen balls, itchy penis, penis discharge or even a lump in the testicle can be a result of many things other than cancer.
Nonetheless, if you are worried you have cancer because the genital malfunction you see, or feel, and know is not caused through injury see your GP.
The quicker you face your problem head on the quicker you can be cured.
Do big men cry and get frightened?
Of course they do, they feel pain just like anyone else, and who would not not fear cancer. Do not suffer in silence lads. The earlier the diagnosis ups the odds of the cancer being beaten.


If you have not got a clue why your testicles have swelled or why there is a lump bulging from your scrotum, then leave well alone and let your doctor the clued up one see to the problem and treat it.

You could make matters worse by treating something you have not got.
The testicles:  There are two testicles and when felt with the fingers feel an oval shape. Both are located inside the scrotum on either side of the penis.
The testicles are a vital part of the male reproductive system. The testicles create the sperm and the hormone testosterone, which is essential in male sexual development.
Understanding the basic anatomy and the development of testicles is not only something every man should know about but will help him avoid unnecessary stress.
While still in the womb, baby boy testicles sit in the abdomen. Eventually the testicles migrate downwards through the abdomen into the scrotum (sac that holds the testicles) but still remain joined to the abdomen by the spermatic cord, which consists of many blood vessels and nerves.
On the upper, outer, back position of the testicle sits a linked but separate structure named the epididymis, which stores sperm.
Typically, the epididymis has a straight link to the wall of the scrotum. This link thwarts the testicle, which hangs on the spermatic cord, from twisting.
Testicle Pain Causes Testicular pain can be the result of many things, some good and some bad. It is important to know which is which. The serious symptom will require immediate medical attention while other you can treat at home.
Testicle Pain Causes
Testicle Pain Causes
Trauma to the testicles often causes bad pain. A direct blow to the scrotum will bring any man to his knees and tears to his eyes causing instant pain but usually temporary.
If you have bruised the testicle this can hurt Generally, trauma might cause a more significant injury that often requires emergency surgery, such as: A hematocele – a gathering of blood that environs the testicle.
Ruptured testicle. Testicular torsion is not a condition you can brush to the side, it will need immediate treatment. Testicular torsion happens when a testicle twists inside the scrotum. If the testicle suffers this, the blood vessels within the spermatic cord also twist and lead to an interruption of blood supply to the testicle.
Depending on how many times the blood vessels have twisted, they could shut off, preventing the flow of blood to or from the testicle.
Because blood contains oxygen, and testicles need oxygen to live, twisting can cause serious complications, for instance: “death” of a testicle. In many cases of a speedy diagnosis and emergency surgery the testicle has been saved.
 Torsion is known in men who have an abnormal attachment of the epididymis to the wall of the scrotum. The vast majority of those men have the same abnormal attachment in both testicles.
Testicle infection: Inflammation of the epididymis is quite common for causing testicular pain. This is more of a common condition in males over 18 years of age.
In sexually active men, the likely reason for epididymitis is usually down to a sexually transmitted disease, maybe, gonorrhea or chlamydia
The elderly and the younger man can get epididymitis, often because of an abnormality in the genitourinary system. Testicular pain comes with “torsion of a testicular appendage” most common in young lads.
Just what is testicular appendage? Simply explained it is a functionless structure that is placed in a furrow between the testicle and the epididymis.
Like a testicle, the structure can cause interference, and the outcome losing blood flow due to twisting, Less common causes of testicle pain.
A lot of men will have heard of a hernia but just as many know nothing about what is included should they suffer from one.
Inguinal hernia is when part of the intestine protrudes through a defect in the abdominal wall into the scrotum – causing swelling as well as pain.
Orchitis (inflammation of the testicle): This inflammatory condition happens because of an infectious process. It now and again is found along with epididymitis, especially when it has not been treated for several days.
A high percentage of those diagnosed with condition found the cause being connected with the viral mumps infection.
Testicular tumour: While a tumour rarely causes pain, swelling is likely.
Kidney stone: If you have kidney stones the pain may at times radiate in an around the testicles. Whatever the cause of your testicle pain guys, you need to have it checked out.
Stay safe and healthy – Conduct regular self-examinations to locate testicle lumps, as early detection betters the diagnosis for testicular cancer.

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